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After promoting musical chairs in entertainment programs, Globo also decided to bet on a new anchor in São Paulo’s newscasts. A reporter for the station and co-host of Bom Dia São Paulo, Sabina Simonato debuted in charge of SP1 this Easter holiday.

The journalist had already been promoted when reporting traffic and public transport news on Rodrigo Bocardi’s news, but was off work when she found out she was pregnant. She only returned to the face-to-face regime after two years of home office during the pandemic.

The professional went through some tests and recorded pilots to show her performance as an anchor. In addition to being known by viewers in the capital of São Paulo, she is a well-loved figure on social media.

Sabina Simonato was chosen to take the place of Gloria Vanique, who resigned from Globo to work at CNN Brasil. The reporter took on a role that she had previously held on shifts and vacations.

Upon discovering that she was pregnant and starting to work at home because of the protocols of the Covid-19 pandemic, Sabina was replaced at the Bom Dia São Paulo studio by colleagues Luiza Vaz, Cinthia Toledo and Thais Luquesi – who took turns in the position.

Sabina Simonato celebrated her promotion on Instagram and invited viewers to watch her debut this Thursday (14). Co-worker César Tralli also made a post in honor of the journalist.

“That’s a good thing! What happiness, what pride, to see such a competent professional debut today at the SP1 presentation, while Alanzinho [Alan Severiano] enjoy the Easter break. Congratulations Sabine. Soon we’ll exchange an idea live…”, wrote the headline of Jornal Hoje.

See his post here:

During SP1, the rookie presenter and the former owner of the attraction interacted live. “What an honor, congratulations! You really deserve to be there ahead of SP1 for the first time. You’re shining, doing beautiful. You deserve it for your competence, for your humility, for being who you are. So, I’m very proud of you. Congratulations!” , said Tralli.

Embarrassed, Sabina thanked him. “You are my guru, right? You know I look up to myself a lot”, said the journalist.


On Wednesday night (14), Globo announced changes to its schedule. As of July, Fátima Bernardes will leave the Meeting and will assume the vacancy opened with the departure of Tiago Leifert at The Voice Brasil. In addition, Maria Beltrão will be promoted: she will leave GloboNews and will become one of the presenters of É de Casa.

With the departure of Fátima do Encontro, the daily program will be led by Patrícia Poeta and Manoel Soares, who already acted as replacements for the former anchor of Jornal Nacional. The attraction will also change cities and will be broadcast from São Paulo.

On Saturdays, the new É de Casa will be under the responsibility of Maria Beltrão, Thiago Oliveira, Rita Batista and Talitha Morete. Andre Marques and Ana Furtado will leave the morning. According to the broadcaster, the current participant of Dança dos Famosos is negotiating new projects in the house. At GloboNews, the vacancy for the anchor of Estúdio i will be occupied by journalist Andréia Sadi.


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