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Julia Dalavia is Guta’s interpreter in the Pantanal remake. In the first version of the telenovela, in 1990, newcomer Luciene Adami was the one who gave life to Tenório’s daughter (Antônio Petrin in the past and Murilo Benício in the present). The actress was 26 years old at the time and gained fame across the country, as her character was a woman ahead of her time and on top of that with sensual scenes in Benedito Ruy Barbosa’s serial.

In an interview with the magazine Donna, of the newspaper Zero Hora, Luciene recalled the work that made her a star on the national scene. Before Pantanal, the actress was a presenter on TV Cultura. She was called by director Jayme Monjardim to join the cast of the extinct Manchete soap opera (1983-1999).

“We had no idea what was going to happen with what we were doing in that unknown place. We were completely surrendered, in love with our work, with the Pantanal itself, without any perspective of the gigantic scope that would come next”, Luciene said.

The harassment became so great that the artist found it difficult to do trivial things, such as going to the bakery, shopping at the market or even walking down the street: “Everything I did in half an hour now took an hour and a half”.

Guta was a sensation in the dramaturgy of the early 1990s because of her feminist, transgressive behavior. She always defended her mother, Maria Bruaca (Ângela Leal in the past and Isabel Teixeira in the present), from her aggressive husband, Tenório.

Another factor that left the character in the mouths of the people was her haircut. Guta sported a modern look with short locks at the nape of her neck. “Several women told me, and still say today, that they cut their hair, at the time, just like Guta’s. I think I already had a little to do with her. I’ve been wearing that hair for about five or six years”, added the artist.

What is the history of Guta in Pantanal

As will be shown in the remake written by Bruno Luperi, Guta is the daughter of Maria Bruaca and Tenório and discovers that her father has a second family.

In the course of Benedito Ruy Barbosa’s serial, she gets involved with her half-brother Marcelo (Tarcísio Filho in the past and Lucas Leto now), but without knowing about her supposed kinship with the boy.

A lover of freedom, Guta is also involved with Jove (Marcos Winter in the past and Jesuíta Barbosa in the remake) and Tadeu (Marcos Palmeira in 1990 and José Loreto now). She, however, ends the plot with Marcelo after discovering that her boyfriend is not Tenório’s son.

How is Luciene Adami today?

Thirty-two years after the original Pantanal exhibition, Luciene Adami is 58 years old and is still in the artistic life. She recently finished recording the series Centro Liberdade and combines voice-over work with teaching. She is a theater teacher at a school specializing in performing arts in Rio Grande do Sul.

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