What Science Says About Unrelated People Who Look Very Physically Alike

  • Margarita Rodriguez
  • BBC News World

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Mesut Ozil (left), German football player, was born in 1988, and Enzo Ferrari, founder of the Ferrari team, was born in Italy in 1898

Agnes was traveling by train when a man approached her and started talking about subjects she had no idea about. The subject soon realized that “she was not who he thought she was”. And it didn’t take long for him to say that she knew his doppelgangera German term for “double”.

Agnes was encouraged to meet her train partner’s friend and, via Facebook, saw Ester. Later, they met in person.

“We hit it off really well right away. It’s not just our looks, but our personalities are similar too.”

For Esther, “it’s strange and wonderful to see part of you in someone else.”

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