Viviane Araújo already considers retiring from the reign

Viviane Araújo is pregnant with a boy – Photo: Reproduction / Instagram @araujovivianne

The Queen of Queens can fail to enchant her subjects at any time. That’s right! One week before Carnival, Viviane Araújopregnant with Joaquim, her first child with the businessman Guilherme Militãois already thinking about quitting samba in front of a samba school drums.

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With 15 years of reign at the head of the drummers of the Battery Furiosa and with almost three decades of Carnival at Marquês de Sapucaí, the 47-year-old samba singer and actress wants to give the same opportunity to other girls:

I don’t have that stamina anymore. I’m not saying I’m old, but other girls are coming along who deserve this chance.”

At five months pregnant, she is a more than confirmed presence in the Salgueiro parade this year – “without being able to samba along the avenue, as I like” – and intends to repeat the dose in 2023. But she warns that, after that, the future in the ziriguidum is uncertain.

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“This year is special because I am living a special moment. But next year is the return of the ‘rainhona’, of Viviane queen and that whole thing. I still don’t have a date to retire from the post, but that, of course, is already on my mind”, she said on the podcast “Só Se For Agora”, by Jorge Perlingeiropresident of the Independent League of Samba Schools of Rio de Janeiro (Liesa).


There is no chance of talking, thinking or experiencing Carnival without mentioning Viviane Araújo. The 47-year-old actress has long been an icon in revelry. And, like few others, she brings together a set of qualities that reinforce the title of “Queen of Queens” with each show. And this is reinforced by names like Luma de Oliveira, another reference, who is one of the great admirers of the mother of the year.

In an exclusive conversation with the report of Otox, Viviane – who will parade with 5 months of pregnancy of her first baby – opened her heart about the recent controversy that has stirred the backstage of Carnival, going viral on the web, gaining headlines and sharpening a topic that has been gaining strength.

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Mayara Lima, princess of the Rio de Janeiro samba school Paraíso do Tuiuti, from Grupo Especial, became a topic in the four corners after a video in which she appears samba in total sync with the drum instruments. A resourcefulness very different from the queen, who does not exhibit the same intimacy with the rhythm. As a result, discussions around the post were debated again.

With the experience of those who have been on an avenue since 1995, when it debuted in Império da Tijuca, by Grupo de Acesso, and by Beija-Flor, in Grupo Especial, Viviane Araújo – totally stripped of vanity – says that she does not samba as she would like and defends that “the scratched” is not something mandatory for a drum queen. For the most respected sovereign of Carnival in the country, respect for the samba school and the drums, which are at the heart of everything, must come first.

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Check out the full interview:

Otox: It is redundant to praise her trajectory in Carnival, her representation towards women and, above all, her posture and delivery as a drum queen. Given this, how do you see this situation that has been so much talked about, about the queen of drums having to samba as a dancer?
Viviane Araújo: Queen of the drums never needed to samba as a dancer, in my opinion. Just get all the drum queen history so far. Queens who were very successful, queens who were revered, who were deified throughout the samba world, by everyone.

Otox: Can you name one?
Viviane Araújo: Luma de Oliveira it was the most beautiful thing to see on the avenue. An elegance, a pleasure, a truth that people saw and were enchanted by. Luma was wonderful and never had a dancer’s samba. But that didn’t stop her from being the icon she has always been and is loved to this day. A sweetheart that everyone misses. Being queen is a set of many things involved. The most important thing is to have love. He is not there for the sake of something because he is doing this or that. It’s being there for love and pleasure, for the love of your school, of what you do, and with truth. For me, that’s the main thing.

Otox: This controversy, then, of the lack of samba in the foot, ends up being unnecessary…
Viviane Araújo: There are several factors, several qualities. I think a samba dancer is beautiful. There is nothing more beautiful on the avenue. I say this because it is the moment when I am most excited, when I am most enchanted. It’s beautiful to see a dancer dancing samba on the avenue. It is very important for us to value this, for the school to value it. Some people appreciate it, some don’t. But regardless of that, whether you put them in front of a battery or put them as a muse, they always have to be valued. They take the audience to the samba school courts, the gringos want to see the dancers samba, and I think it’s beautiful, I applaud when I see a dancer samba. But if queen is not simply samba as a dancer, it is much more.

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Otox: Can you define what it’s like to be a Drum Queen?
Viviane Araújo: You have to know what it represents there, it’s a whole context. You have to know that you are there in front of the heart of the school, the most important part of an association. If anything goes wrong with the battery, it’s all over. It has to be connected to everything that happens with the battery, listening, paying attention. And be elegant in the way you’re handling it there. To be elegant, sovereign, bowing to your subjects, presenting, showing the public, the judges, your drums. Do it there with love, with truth, with pleasure. Respect that place you are.

Otox: Overall, do you think the queens are following this?
Viviane Araújo: I see that today some do not respect this place. They make jokes, they do funny things and that bothers me a little, it makes me a little sad. I am fully aware that I do not sambo as a dancer, but I have always admired them.

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Otox: What do you mean, Viviane? His samba no pé is always highly praised!
Viviane Araújo: My samba is always admiring them and wanting to samba like them, but each one has its samba, its way of samba. I samba in a way that pleases some people, if it didn’t please I wouldn’t be there for so long. That’s why I say it’s not just samba no pé. It is very important to respect where you are. It’s respecting and giving respect. You are there representing your school, in front of a battery, in front of the heart of the school.

Otox: Even being the Queen of Queens, we know that no one is free from criticism and negative comments. How do you deal with it?
Viviane Araújo: I get very sad when someone comments: ‘don’t samba anything!’. This is not true! I do samba, I’m proud to samba as I do samba and to have my story in the samba world, in carnival. These things hurt a little at the time. Then it passes, I don’t give much importance to it, but I think it’s unnecessary. The person can say: ‘I don’t like her samba”. There, ok, respect. But “don’t samba anything”, it’s not possible! I may not samba as a dancer, but samba as the queen I am, as a queen who has been there for so many years being respected and loved by the people. I know it’s hard to please everyone, we will never please and that’s okay, and that’s okay!

Otox: The spotlight around Mayara Lima was due to her sync with the drums, something you also have (in 2011, when the internet still did not have the current strength, Viviane took Sapucaí to delirium due to the total synchrony with the drummers of the Furiosa Drums, sambando and tambourine, at the time commanded by Mestre Marcão, who, coincidentally, is the responsible for the Tuiuti drums, school in Mayara). Is it very difficult to reach that level of engagement?

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Viviane Araújo: To get that sync, you have to rehearse a lot. And on this I beat my chest: I am very present in my school. In Mancha I’m not so much because I don’t live in São Paulo, it’s more difficult. But in relation to Salgueiro, I am always. To have this sync with the drums it is very important to listen, pay attention, sharpen your ear and have the swing, of course. If you don’t have the swing, it’s hard!

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