Video: bride is surprised with marriage proposal that had fake tourism agency and ‘private’ choir in Parque Lage | Rio de Janeiro

To surprise his girlfriend and ask her to marry him, lawyer Antonio Carlos Ferreira, 31, “created” a tourist agency, simulated a tour itinerary in Rio, hired an app driver (for whom he made a badge) and assembled a choir to sing the couple’s theme song (and from the movie “My First Love”). All this in less than a month.

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The plan worked and had repercussions. There are already more than 200 thousand views of the video that shows the civil servant Luiza Aguiar, 30, being surprised when she arrives at Parque Lage, in the South Zone of Rio, to the sound of “My girl”. (watch above).

“When the choir started singing, I already knew what it was about. It was our song, I was scared, nervous. He told me right away that everyone was watching over a video call. I do not know how to explain. He likes to make a lot of surprises, but at the time I said, ‘You’ve outdone yourself’. I could never have imagined it”, said Luiza to the g1.

She says she was impressed by Antônio’s determination, who prepared everything down to the smallest detail. The fake agency is called Aziul Tour, which the bride’s name read backwards (see photos at the end of this report). The couple, who are from Campos, on the north coast of RJ, went to the capital to do some tours.

“In less than a month, he put everything together: he had a supposed itinerary from the agency that was going to take us on tours in Rio, a fake badge for the ‘agency’ driver and which, in fact, was a [motorista de] Uber, and the hiring of the choir”, said Luiza.

In addition, Antônio created the choir in less than a month and put the plan into practice without his girlfriend suspecting anything.

“This choir didn’t even exist, the group was formed for our marriage proposal. They had never sung together. Who made the art of the tourism company was my sister-in-law Larissa”, completed the public servant.

The shared file has already had more than 200 thousand views on the profile of André Guedes, one of the members of the debut choir. The performance of the singing group was praised on social media.

“I don’t even have TikTok, we don’t even post anything, we’re very reserved. It was supposed to be our thing. I never imagined that everyone would see it. People are saying: ‘[No] my whole work [mundo] you know’. I have no idea what is happening with this repercussion, I am still processing everything”, said Luiza.

Luiza Aguiar gets emotional in Antônio Ferreira’s marriage proposal — Photo: Bruna Guerson/Disclosure

Detailed ordering

See, below, images of the ‘fake’ agency brochure and the fake badge:

Groom created fake tourism agency Aziul Tur, with the bride’s name backwards, to surprise — Photo: Personal Archive

Uber driver received fake badge from the alleged tour company – Photo: Personal Archive

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