Toni Garrido reports fight and robbery between members

The band Cidade Negra is experiencing a rift. After former members Lazão, Ras Bernardo and Da Ghama accuse Toni Garrido of appropriating the “Black City” brand, bassist Bino Farias reported episodes of Lazão’s aggression and said that the musician sold, without warning, some of Toni’s guitars.

Founded in 1986, Cidade Negra was originally formed by Ras Bernardo on vocals, Lazão on drums and percussion, Bino Farias on bass and Da Ghama on guitar. Toni Garrido joined the group in 1994, with the departure of Ras Bernardo.

In “Balanço Geral” (TV Record) last Sunday, Lazão, Ras Bernardo and Da Ghama, who are working on a new project called “Originais Cidade”, stated that the technician of “The Voice+” (TV Globo) improperly appropriated the brand “Black City”.

Toni has the trademark registered with the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property). in conversation with splash, the singer said that Cidade Negra is only in his name, as the names of Bino and Lazão were impeded at the time of registration. For the artist, the former members are creating a “hate brigade” with the accusations.

Bino says that it was he who had the idea to call the band Cidade Negra, after dreaming about the name.

“Cidade Negra was called Lumiar, but we discovered that there was already a band with that name. And they were registered with the INPI. Each one took a name and I dreamed of that name at dawn”, he said in an interview with splash.

Ras Bernardo left the band at the age of 28. Da Ghama left the band 15 years ago. The band continued with me, Lazão and Toni. Lazão later decided to do the project with them, Originalis Cidade. Being that originals are the ones who stay in the band, who put the band to work, right? Like me and Tony. Bino

Toni and Bino report that Cidade Negra’s official Instagram profile, which was verified and had over 250,000 followers, went offline. According to the artists, an unidentified person created a new fake profile and made publications impersonating them.

splash contacted Instagram in search of a placement and is waiting. The text will be updated as soon as there is a response.

The report also tried to talk to the defense of the Originals Cidade trio, but still did not get a response. The space remains open.


Bino reported that Lazão became aggressive over the years. In a concert in Porto Alegre, the drummer would have punched the bassist.

“Lazão almost never played the sound at shows. And everyone passed. That day, people were changing clothes in the dressing room and there was a huge line to take pictures. Lazão started talking to his road, who assembles the drums. He began to aggressively say that the sound was bad. Then Toni politely said to him: ‘Lazão, for this reason we have to play sound. The road cannot work miracles for you'”, Bino told splash.

This calm comment from Toni generated an aggressiveness in him and suddenly he advanced on Toni. I went to break up the fight, he punched Toni in the direction of my mouth and nose. Blood came out. There are several episodes of his aggression. And he’s a professional wrestler, he’s been doing jiu-jitsu for many years. Bino

Toni Garrido also spoke of physical violence in an interview with G1. The singer did not want to explain the fight in contact with splashjust said that the account given to the site was what had happened.

“In 2014, 2015, a series of violence began, Lazão started to get violent, within the group itself, with us. Then, one day, he punched me in the eye that tore my eye and blood came out.”

“One day he punched Bino in the face. He was doing a million things. The band, the technical team following all that and asking me: ‘Toni, aren’t you going to do anything? He can’t do this, he’s crazy, he’s crazy,” he added to G1.

equipment sales

Bino says that Lazão sold Toni’s musical instruments without the musician’s permission.

“During the pandemic, Lazão complained that he was having financial difficulties and I don’t know what his intention was, if he went out of revenge. He sold some of Toni’s guitars that were in his studio. Two of these guitars I participated in the purchase, there in the United States. They were guitars that he loved. He told me in an audio that he was in need of money and ended up selling”, he reported.

splash tried to contact Lazão, but still had no response until the publication of this text.

New songs

Despite the name dispute, Toni and Bino have new music to release. “We have several songs. Three songs have already been recorded and five more to be recorded”, says Bino.

“They are saying that Cidade Negra is over. Cidade Negra is more alive than ever,” said the musician.

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