‘Thirty-year setback’: understand the controversy over the end of oncology by the SUS in Regina – Novo Hamburgo

The disqualification of Hospital Regina as a reference center for cancer treatment by the Unified Health System (SUS) in Novo Hamburgo caused repercussions. Entities that deal with patients, such as the Women’s League for the Fight against Cancer (LFCC) and the Amigas de Mãos Dadas Group, regretted the change of treatment location to the Bom Jesus Hospital, in Taquara.

Hospital Regina disqualified itself as a reference center for cancer treatment by the SUS in Novo Hamburgo
Photo: Publicity/Hospital Regina

With the change, from May 943 patients undergoing cancer treatment by SUS in Regina will move to the institution in Paranhana.

“This is very sad, regrettable news. It is one of the biggest setbacks in the health of Novo Hamburgo in more than 30 years”, evaluated Regina Dau, president of the LFCC.

The change of environment confirmed this week was due to a financial incompatibility. The difference between what Hospital Regina expected to receive to treat patients and what the government was willing to pay made it impossible to continue the service in Novo Hamburgo – the oncology service is highly complex, funded by federal resources and encouraged with funds from the State Treasury, through the Assistir program.


“We had good treatment here (in Novo Hamburgo). It doesn’t matter what the reason for the exchange is and if someone is wrong or guilty. The fact is that nothing justifies this exchange”, complains Regina.

“It was a big blow. We are all a little shaken by the announcement of this exchange. It may be more tiring having to go to Taquara, but we will continue to hope and believe that there can still be reconciliation and the treatment will continue at Regina Hospital”, said the coordinator of Mãos Dadas, Flávia Trevisan.

What leaders and representatives of the area in the region say

“We have already had meetings with authorities and the prospects for reversal are not good. Not having cancer treatment by the SUS is one of the biggest setbacks that public health in Novo Hamburgo has had in 30 years.”
Regina Dau, president of the Women’s League to Fight Cancer

“Patients have to understand that they are not unattended. We will continue to give the usual support and support. We don’t know how things will be in Taquara. It may be that they flow better, that they meet the pent-up demand”
Flávia Trevisan, coordinator of Grupo Amigas de Mãos Dadas

“I am very sorry about this news. In 2021 I was in Brasília to try to renegotiate the values ​​for cancer treatment in the city. Last Tuesday, I met with the state secretary of health to try to reverse the situation, but the decision was already made.”
Issur Koch, State Representative

“Our concern has always been the population, very aware that oncology is a growing demand. The walk to the decision (to discontinue cancer care) was very sad for us. We are very sorry.”
Gisele Albaneo, Executive Director of Hospital Regina

“I was satisfied with the quality of the work provided by Hospital Regina and we would not like this transfer, but it is important to respect Regina’s decision. We are discussing an appropriate transition for patients, ensuring full care.”
Marcelo Reidel, municipal secretary of health

‘Now the feeling is of fear and insecurity’

In treatment for cancer of the tongue and epiglottis, retired public servant Itamar Mônaco, 66, learned that he would be treated in Taquara by the newspaper. “I was taken by surprise. Only later did they tell me that the City Hall would call me with instructions for the sequence of my treatment”, said he, who lives in the Lomba Grande neighborhood.

To fight the disease, Itamar had to undergo surgery in July last year. He spent 28 days in one of the best hospitals. All free by SUS.

“I have absolutely nothing to complain about. Everything was great, from the service to the food and the exams. I was always treated very well”, recalls the retiree.

In addition to being surprised, he also reported that the news of the change of hospital and city in which he will continue to fight cancer provoked other feelings.

“I trusted the entire Regina team a lot. Now I’m lost, waiting for referrals with fear and insecurity”, says Itamar.

“It may be that the team and structure of Hospital Bom Jesus are as good or even better than what Regina offers”, adds the elderly man. But he mainly points out the feeling of uncertainty until he knows how everything will work.

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