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Alfred Enoch, Taís Araújo and Lázaro Ramos in the filming of Medida Provisoria; (Photo: Publicity)

First fiction film directed by Lázaro RamosProvisional Measure” premieres in Brazilian cinemas this Thursday (14), with the tough task of competing with international blockbusters and carving its place in the coming weeks of exhibition.

The national film that stirred the Brazilian artistic and political class opens with space in 188 movie theaters, distributed in 24 states and the Federal District – at least in this first week, the feature did not close rooms in Amapá and Roraima.

Below, read the main information about “Medida Provisoria”, which has names like Taís Araújo, Alfred Enoch, Seu Jorge, Adriana Esteves and Renata Sorrah in the cast.

On the last day 5, the GQ Brazil promoted a preview of “Medida Provisoria” in São Paulo, in an event that also marked the launch of the April edition of the printed magazine, which has Lázaro Ramos on the cover.

The actor and director participates in two reports of the edition, one as an interviewee, to talk about the film and his new projects; and another as an interviewer, talking to five black executives about lessons in leadership, innovation and the pursuit of racial equity.

What does the movie Provisional Measure say?

The script for “Provisional Measure” is inspired by the play “Namibia, no”, written in 2011 by Aldri Anunciação. The playwright, by the way, participates in the adaptation of his play, integrating the script team led by director Lázaro Ramos.

The story talks about a dystopian future in which blacks are entitled to compensation as a historical reparation for the almost 400 years of slavery in Brazil. In response to this, an authoritarian government enacts a new policy, the so-called “provisional measure”, in which blacks, now called “accentuated melanin citizens”, will be sent back to Africa instead of receiving compensation.

The public is led to follow the story from the trio of protagonists: the lawyer Antônio, played by the Anglo-Brazilian actor Alfred Enoch; Capitu, doctor played by Tais Araújo; and the journalist André, character of the singer and actor Your George.

Ahead of the execution of the racist policy, social worker Isabel (Adriana Esteves) leads the effort to capture Antonio, Capitu and André with the support of neighbors of the three, such as Izildinha (Renata Sorrah).

Synopsis of Provisional Measure

“In a dystopian future, the Brazilian government decrees a provisional measure, in an initiative of reparation for the past slavery, provoking a reaction in the National Congress.

Congress then passes a measure that forces black citizens to migrate to Africa with the intention of returning to their origins. His approval directly affects the lives of the couple formed by the doctor Capitú (Taís Araújo) and the lawyer Antonio (Alfred Enoch), as well as that of his cousin, the journalist André (Seu Jorge), who lives with them in the same apartment.

In this apartment, the characters debate social and racial issues, in addition to sharing anxieties that involve moving to another country. Seeing themselves at the center of terror and separated by force of circumstances, the couple does not know if they will be able to find each other again. The feature is an adaptation of “Namibia, Não!”, a play by Aldri Anunciação that director and actor Lázaro Ramos directed for the theater in 2011.

Why the concern about the first week’s box office?

At the beginning of a new week, movie theaters decide how many screens they will reserve for each of the films applying for a spot, for a period that goes from a Thursday, the day of the week when new features are released, until Wednesday. next week’s fair.

From this perspective, the result of the first weekend of a movie in theaters is decisive for the exhibitors to conclude whether to maintain, reduce or even increase the screens of a given feature.

In this negotiation, the bargaining power of national producers is much lower than that of the studios responsible for blockbusters, films with a more commercial proposal.

Entering in a time of films of the type also starting its exhibition period, “Medida Provisoria” needs to achieve good results in its opening weekend, at the risk of losing a relevant part of the rooms obtained in the opening week.

Where to watch the movie Provisional Measure?

The team of the film directed by Lázaro Ramos made available a spreadsheet, which lists the 188 movie theaters that plan to show “Provisional Measure” in the period from April 14 to 20, 2022.

See the list of cinemas that will show Provisional Measure here.

What does the Provisional Measure have to do with the Harry Potter saga?

There are at least three connections between the national film and the multimillion-dollar wizard saga. The first of these is the presence of actor Alfred Enoch. Son of a Brazilian, Enoch played the character Dino Thomas in the “Harry Potter” films, which still causes a frisson every time the actor comes to Brazil.

Despite not having been raised in Brazil, Alfred Enoch speaks Portuguese perfectly, which surprises many of the fans who approach him for photographs, who come to him ready to risk an English and discover they can have a carefree conversation with the tall, friendly actor.]

Alfred Enoch opposite Taís Araújo and Seu Jorge in Provisional Measure (Photo: Alexandre Virgilio)

Alfred Enoch opposite Taís Araújo and Seu Jorge in Provisional Measure (Photo: Alexandre Virgilio)

In a recent interview with GQ BrazilEnoch talked about Brazilian fans, about his relationship with “Harry Potter” and his debut as an actor in Portuguese — he was also one of the protagonists of “How to Get Away with a Murder”, a series led by Viola Davis.

The other connections, which are much more worrying for the team, are the fact that “Provisional Measure” will premiere alongside “Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets”, the new film in the sequel to the long-form derivatives of the original Harry Potter universe, and see a a week later the premiere of “Lost City”, which has Daniel Radcliffe (the actor who played Harry Potter in theaters) as a villain in a feature with Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum.

What does “Provisional Measure” have to do with the Jair Bolsonaro government?

In early 2021, Sérgio Camargo, who presided over a federal government entity called Fundação Palmares, said that the film directed by Lázaro Ramos was an attack on President Jair Bolsonaro (PL).

In all interviews on the subject, the director cites the fact that the film is based on the play “Namibia, não”, which was originally staged in 2011, seven years before Bolsonaro’s election. Lázaro Ramos also states that the film’s script was written in 2015, also before the current president’s victory at the polls.

There is disagreement between the parties as to whether Camargo’s speech had practical effects or not. According to the producers, the reason why “Medida Provisoria” had its premiere postponed four times was the lack of a release from the National Film Agency (Ancine), which was only obtained in December 2021. Lázaro Ramos correlates the delay, which he says be unusual, with Camargo’s call for a boycott.

“Censorship is also done with bureaucracy and that’s what happened”, said the director, in an interview with the Folha de S.Paulo newspaper. Ancine needed to authorize the exchange of the distributor hired by the producers to negotiate the exhibition with the cinemas. The agency denies the failure to meet the deadlines and states that the change in the film’s distributor is a relevant issue that needed time to be analyzed by the agency.

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