Powerful soursop drink brings great health benefits, see the main ones here

Nova Iguaçu, April 14, by David Motta – Preparing natural juices is a great alternative to refresh and keep the body hydrated. Also, for a change on the drinks menu, how about trying something powerful? THE soursop juice, in particular, it is a source of vitamin C, fiber, potassium, antioxidants and can be mixed with other fruits and spices.

So today, on the É Mais MT blog, we’ve separated some refreshing and nutritious soursop juice recipes for you to try on a daily basis. See below!

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Benefits of this healthy fruit juice

Generally found in supermarkets and seasonal fairs, soursop is, without a doubt, a clear source of health. However, you can choose to plant in your own home, so you will have the fruit available whenever you want. In this sense, Globo Rural published an article about the benefits of planting soursop at home, as indicated in the report on 12/02/2013, by João Mathias.

You can use soursop for various health practices. -Pexels.

Soursop has a rich availability of antioxidants such as vitamins and minerals, which are factors that mainly favor immune functions. But, in addition, cardiovascular and respiratory health is also favored. Not to mention preventing the development of cancer.

Soursop drink with milk

Instead of preparing soursop juice with water, a good tip is to use milk (or even coconut water) to make a different recipe. The combination of soursop with milk, in particular, is very creamy, tasty and nutritious – a source of several vitamins, fibers and minerals.

To prepare the juice, start by peeling and separating the pulp from the soursop. Then put it in the blender, add the milk, sugar to taste (it can be 3 tablespoons, for example) and beat well until the mixture is homogeneous.

Graviola Juice with Apple

This is a highly hydrating combination, rich in fiber and vitamins – suitable for those who want a very light and refreshing juice for snack time. In addition, this mixture is great for strengthening immunity.

Start by peeling the soursop and cutting the apple into small pieces. Then, put everything in the blender, add the water, sugar to taste and beat well, until the mixture is homogeneous. Strain the juice through a colander and serve with ice cubes.

Graviola green juice with cabbage and mint

Another interesting option to eliminate toxins from the body and strengthen immunity is to bet on soursop green juice with cabbage and mint. In addition to having detox action (which is great for skin health), this drink is also good for burning fat and prevents fluid retention. A good tip is to drink this juice right after waking up to start the day with more energy.

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