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Split air conditioners with built-in Wi-Fi are increasingly present in the Brazilian market. The devices facilitate day-to-day use, as they can be controlled directly from the cell phone or by voice assistants. Models such as Philco Inverter Virus Protect and LG Dual Inverter ARTCOOL are options that can be controlled remotely. The devices still stand out for the promise of energy savings, which can reach 70% compared to conventional models.

Philco’s device is available in several versions with prices starting at R$2,199. Already the option of LG is found by figures that start from R$ 3,199 in its cheapest option. Check below a comparison between the models that gathers information about the offered capacities, energy consumption, extra features and more.

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Check out the comparison between LG and Philco air conditioners — Photo: Disclosure/LG

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The look of both is similar and the devices have few visual details that draw attention, being able to follow the decoration of different environments of the house with ease. Philco Inverter Virus Protect is 27 cm high, 72 cm wide and 20.1 cm long, its total weight is 7 kg. Available in white, the model features an LED display that indicates the temperature at which the device is operating. The air conditioner also has fins that flex according to the wind output configuration.

Philco Inverter Virus Protect model features a simple white design — Photo: Publicity/Philco

The LG Dual Inverter ARTCOOL is available in mirror black and also has an LED panel that indicates operation. The air outlet has rods that can be adjusted by the user, as well as a top-down opening mode. Air deflection occurs automatically. The device is 30.7 cm high, 83.7 cm wide and 18.9 cm long, and is slightly heavier than its competitor at 8.6 kg.

The LG Dual Inverter ARTCOOL has versions of 12, 18 and 24 thousand BTUs — Photo: Disclosure/LG

Philco Inverter Virus Protect contains five variants that can serve environments up to 60 m² in its most powerful version. The device is found with 9, 12, 18, 24 and 30 thousand BTUs. The air cycle offered by the appliance is only cold.

On the other hand, the LG Dual Inverter ARTCOOL features only three variants. The air conditioning has options of 12, 18 and 24 thousand BTUs. However, the South Korean brand’s model can be used in all seasons, as it features hot and cold cycles.

cooling capacity

The Philco Inverter Virus Protect datasheet does not inform the cooling capacity — Photo: Disclosure/Philco

To measure the cooling capacity of an air conditioner, it is necessary to take into account some measures that are reported by the manufacturers. The Coefficient of Performance (COP), measured with the acronym W/W, demonstrates a relationship between the thermal energy supplied by the heat pump and the electrical energy that the system consumes to function.

The LG Dual Inverter ARTCOOL features COP of 3.24 W/W in all its variants. The Philco Inverter Virus Protect model does not report the cooling capacity in the technical sheets of its versions.

The LG Dual Inverter ARTCOOL consumes more energy than its rival — Photo: Disclosure/LG

For users looking for budget models, both devices are committed to up to 70% savings on the electricity bill. The Inverter technology present in both reduces the number of air compressor starts, so, instead of turning it off and on as in conventional models, the air conditioning maintains a variable speed.

In this regard, for the purpose of comparison, we will use as an example the information provided in the technical sheets of the models with 12,000 BTUs. While the LG Dual Inverter ARTCOOL presents 22.8 kWh of monthly consumption, its competitor Philco Inverter Virus Protect manages to save a little more, consuming approximately 20.9 kWh in the month.

Philco Inverter Virus Protect can be controlled by cell phone or voice assistant — Photo: Disclosure/LG

To make use more practical, the models feature a Wi-Fi connection. With this, it is possible to access a series of functions directly from the cell phone, such as programming the device’s operating hours or turning it on remotely, which can help to cool or warm the environment before you even get home.

It is also possible to control the models via voice command through virtual assistants such as Google Assistant. Thus, the user can change the temperature, set operating hours and other resources. Philco Inverter Virus Protect is compatible with Smart Life Philco app. The LG Dual Inverter ARTCOOL works through the LG ThinQ app. Both platforms are available for download from the Android and iOS stores.

LG Dual Inverter ARTCOOL has self-cleaning function — Photo: Disclosure/LG

In addition to cooling or heating environments, depending on the model, the two air conditioners also have extra features that can expand and facilitate use. Philco’s model features the antivirus filter and air ionizer, which promises to combat the proliferation of viruses, mold and bacteria, in addition to eliminating odors, smoke and pollen particles. The device also has dehumidification and ventilation modes.

LG’s air conditioner offers an ionizer that promises to reduce up to 99.9% of bacteria in the air in the room in a maximum of 60 minutes. The model also features a room dehumidifier and self-cleaning function, to prevent the formation of bacteria and mold inside the appliance.

LG Dual Inverter ARTCOOL can be purchased for as low as R$3,000 — Photo: Disclosure/LG

The LG Dual Inverter ARTCOOL model can be purchased for from R$3,199 in its 12,000 BTU version. The option with 18,000 BTUs is found for around R$4,299. The most powerful device, with 24,000 BTUs, starts at R$5,499 on the manufacturer’s website in Brazil. The model can also be found in several online retail stores.

Philco Inverter Virus Protect in its 9,000 BTU version can be purchased for as low as R$2,199. The option with 18,000 BTUs is found for figures from R$ 2,999. The 24,000 BTU variant can be purchased for as low as R$4,299. The more powerful version, with 30,000 BTUs, is seen for a higher price: approximately R$ 6,499. Prices refer to the manufacturer’s website in Brazil.

Similar and competing models

The Springer Midea Inverter is a model that competes directly with the presented devices. The air conditioning also offers Inverter technology and promises energy savings that can reach up to 74%. The device features filters with silver ions and antibacterial function. To facilitate day-to-day use, the model also warns the user about cleaning and changing the filters. Its 12,000 BTU version can be found from R$2,059.

A more affordable option that also has Inverter technology is the Elgin Split High Wall Eco Inverter. The device has a filter that promises to keep the environment clean and healthy, eliminating up to 99% of viruses, bacteria and mites. Energy savings can reach 40%. It is possible to purchase the 12,000 BTU version for prices starting at R$ 1,700.

Philco Inverter Virus Protect vs LG Dual Inverter ARTCOOL

Specifications Philco Inverter Virus Protect LG Dual Inverter ARTCOOL
WiFi Yes Yes
Voice assistant compatible Yes Yes
Has app Yes, Philco Smart Home Yes, LG ThinQ
Color White mirror black
Dimensions and weight (indoor unit) 27 x 72 x 20.1 cm and 7 kg 30.7 x 83.7 x 18.9 cm and 8.6 kg
Energy consumption 20.9 kWh per month 22.8 kWh per month
BTUs 9 thousand, 12 thousand, 18 thousand, 24 thousand and 30 thousand 12 thousand, 18 thousand and 30 thousand
Price from BRL 2,199 (9 thousand BTUs) from BRL 3,199 (12 thousand BTUs)

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