patch v1.0.0 available; see the changes

Konami has finally released the v1.0.0 patch for eFootball 2022. With the update, Season 1 of the publisher’s football game starts this Thursday (14), with several gameplay improvements that promise to make the experience more interesting for fans . The Ideal Team mode, a kind of “Ultimate Team” of the new PES, can now be explored.

The publisher promoted changes capable of affecting the quality of shots, passes, ball disputes and dribbles during matches. In a trailer, the company showed the main new features of the game in action. Check out the video below:

Unfortunately, eFootball patch v1.0.0 still doesn’t bring Master League, Edits and other offline modes. Konami asked for a little patience so they can add them to the game in the future.

Major changes from patch v1.0.0 in eFootball

eFootball players can expect more realistic behavior in athlete decision making and ball physics. According to Konami, these adjustments to the trajectory, rotations and other situations capable of generating “moments of suspense” and impacting the actions of athletes were elaborated after much research.

This also changes the way in which possession duels take place. The entire team started to work together to recover the round and use the new tools to pull a counterattack or cadence the passes in the midfield.

In addition to the passes being more accurate, they now have “phenomenal” variations. By pressing R2 at the right moment, athletes perform more plastic and decisive movements for certain moments of the game. Adding it all up, the task of scoring inside the opposing defense became much more rewarding. Look:

As for eFootball kicks, patch v1.0.0 made them faster, more accurate, and more lethal — just like passes, they’ve been given a class of phenomenal variations. According to the force filled in the bar when risking a shot to the goal. An ability will activate as indicated in the table below when timing R2:

Skills Strength bar level
Dry leaf Between 20%-50%
Kick with the instep Between 50% and 70%
Ascending Kick Between 65% and 95%

See them in action:

With eFootball patch v1.0.0, there is now a wide variety of shots, both with feet and headers. Players will be able to activate acrobatic skills, such as bicycles and volleys — but these will depend on the athlete’s levels to perform.

Incisive touch promises change in eFootball dribbling

The phenomenal skill for eFootball dribbling is called Incisive Touch. The feature is much simpler compared to other commands, but Konami promises a useful tool to dodge defenders when going on the attack.

It is activated by lightly tapping the analog stick next to the R2 button. That way, players just need to direct where the controlled athlete will try to escape the boats to use Incisive Touch. Look:

More variations of dribbles to be executed when dominating the ball and already going on top of defenders were presented. With improved ball control, athletes are able to have more control with the ball close to the body.

Konami made the foundation very simple. Whether shooting into the attacking court, protecting the ball or tricking the markers, the R2 will have many uses. Check out:

  • L2 protection and soft touch combined:

  • Ball control with changes of direction using R2:

  • Tap with R2 to spin on defenders:

If attackers have so many resources to win matches, the defensive system has not been left behind. With the “ask to pressure” command back, the team’s move to regain possession will make the task less complicated compared to recent months.

(Source: Konami)

Changing players when activating the L1 became more responsive to better match the position of the ball, and of course, manual changes using the right analog also benefit from these improvements.

Close tagging just got smarter, thanks to community feedback that pointed to miscalibrated tackles and boats. The defensive system will cover the spaces in a more tactical way, obstructing possible attempts of shots on goal.

eFootball 2022 - tagging up close

To close, the attributes of tackling and physical strength become essential to win disputes in the “game of body”. Players will try to regain control of play by using their shoulders to take the lead, but the game punishes timing errors with fouls.

Ideal Team, the “Ultimate Team” mode of eFootball

Joining your favorite players and building the Ideal Team in eFootball may remind you of FIFA’s Ultimate Team, but the final proposal is quite different. Here, teams start with level 50-70 athletes, who evolve through training and playing matches when lined up.

eFootball 2022 - Ideal Team game plan
(Source: Konami)

As with UT’s chemistry, Konami went further and adapted the players’ cards to match tactics and the five available playstyles: “Possession in Attack”, “Fast Counterattack”, “Counter -attack”, “Long pass” and “Outside”.

The signings of stars, such as the PSG trio composed of Neymar Jr., Lionel Messi and Kylian Mbappé, and the Portuguese Bruno Fernandes, Manchester United midfielder, can be done in their own way, without counting on luck.

eFootball coins 2022
(Source: Konami)

Only using the coins earned by fulfilling certain objectives in the game, it is possible to hire both athletes and coaches. There are special rarities on certain cards, just like in Ultimate Team. Look:

eFootball 2022 - player cards
(Source: Konami)

Attributes of Normal, Featured and Legendary players can be increased by training. Develop your favorite players to fit your team’s tactics.
On the other hand, prominent players have attributes based on real-life performances over a week, month, etc. Even though they can make an immediate difference to your team, they cannot be developed.

The Ideal Time mode will have a competitive environment, which will be divided into 28-day periods and divisions.

  • Each stage lasts 28 days, and the players’ objective will be to reach the highest possible division;
  • The divisions will have minimum scores, obtained after playing ten games, to define the rise, stay or fall;
  • At the end of each phase, prizes will be distributed according to the divisions achieved;

Konami made general improvements and fixed several bugs that affected the eFootball community experience. The feedbacks yielded many lines in the patch notes, which you can check out on the publisher’s official website.

The future of eFootball 2022

Soon, eFootball 2022 players on consoles and PC will be able to use crossplay to have fun with each other. According to Konami, which said it is preparing the arrival of Master League and edit modes, more information will be provided soon.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as many features will become available through updates and free DLCs in the future. Some of them include fan-loved modes such as edit and Master League modes. We’ll provide more information as it becomes available, so keep an eye out for updates.

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