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Parents and family members of children and adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) held a protest this Thursday morning (14) in Natal against the suspension of treatments paid for by a health plan in schools and patients’ homes.

The “whistle” started around 9 am on Apodi Street, in the Petrópolis neighborhood, in the East Zone of the capital and continued on foot to Mipibu Street.

According to the country, Unimed Natal suspended the ABA and Denver intervention models that were offered in the school and home environment of patients last Monday (11).

“This directly affects autistic people. It was an absurd thing, overnight, without prior notice”, said Bruno Henrique, a lawyer and one of the creators of the demonstration.

Adriane Lima is the mother of one of the patients affected by the decision and said that the follow-up is essential for the development of the child.

“The child who is on the autistic spectrum has great difficulty with social interaction. These therapists in the child’s family environment, in the social and school environment, will work on these skills. So it is essential for the child to be able to develop. They blocked this treatment both at school and at home and it was imposed that children only do it inside the clinic, only that the child has a medical prescription to be able to do these hours in the child’s natural environment, which would be school and home”, he complained.

Still according to her, even though the plan has guaranteed that it will maintain the service in the clinics, the change in routine may cause regression in the treatment.

“These are children who are totally rigid in changing their routine. Certainly, several children will have a serious regression. Even invertible conditions can certainly happen. Routine is essential for the child’s development,” he said.

Parents of autistic children protest against suspension of school and home care in Natal – Photo: Vinicius Marinho/Inter TV Cabugi

What are treatments

  • ABA: The acronym is for the English term Applied Behavior Analysis and can be translated into Portuguese as Applied Behavior Analysis. The treatment is done in a structured way, focusing on the target behaviors of intervention, which mostly involve behaviors related to language and inappropriate behaviors.
  • Denver: The Denver Early Intervention Model is one of the methods used in child autism therapeutic interventions. This form of intervention uses games and games, so it is recommended for children up to 5 years old.

In a note, the health plan stated that it continues to provide customers with a network of attention and care for the complete treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), other disorders or genetic syndromes.

“The specialized and multidisciplinary rehabilitation therapies that this operator offers are in compliance with the technical guidelines of evidence-based medicine and with the legal norms in force in the country. therapies, which were being carried out in a school or home environment, so that they can be fully carried out in the clinics, with adequate equipment and a qualified team for the development of each child”, he informed.

“Unimed Natal ensures access to specialized and multidisciplinary rehabilitation therapies provided for in the List of the National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS), which must be offered exclusively in health establishments, since the Supplementary Health legislation (Law No. /98) and the List of Health Procedures and Events (currently established by RN nº 465) do not provide for assistance coverage in school and home environments”, the note also says.

Protest against suspension of treatments for autistic children in Natal — Photo: Vinicius Marinho/Inter TV Cabugi

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