Nota Paulista: deadline to transfer credits ends today – 04/15/2022 – Market

This Friday (15th) the deadline for the transfer of credits from the Paulista Invoice ends. All consumers who made purchases in the state of São Paulo and requested the inclusion of the CPF in the invoice in the last 12 months have amounts receivable.

Whoever misses the deadline will be without the credits and the amount will return to the state public coffers. There are almost R$ 14 million available to 12 million citizens.

Since October 2020, the deadline to redeem credits from the Nota Fiscal Paulista has dropped from five years to 12 months. The minimum transfer amount is BRL 0.99. Since it underwent changes, consumers have been complaining about the reduction in the amount received in Nota Paulista.

According to the Treasury, it is important to note that “only credits released until April 16, 2021 will be canceled”. The other amounts, released after that date, “will remain available to taxpayers for a period of one year”, says a note from the body, that is, the taxpayer will have until April 2023 to transfer the money.

Also according to the Treasury, the money that is not redeemed will be used in areas such as health, education, public security and social assistance, for example.

To have access to the values, the taxpayer must have a password in the Nota Fiscal Paulista program. Access is made with the CPF. To generate the password, you must register.

How to redeem credit by CPF

  1. Access the website
  2. On the home page, click on “System Access”
  3. Enter your CPF and password, click on “I’m not a robot” and go to “Access”
  4. On the next page, on the left side, above, your balance will appear. Go to “Withdraw”
  5. Choose whether the credit will be in a checking or savings account
  6. Check the registered account or register one; the bank account must be in your name
  7. Then, choose the amount you want to transfer, enter it in “Amount” and go to “Confirm”
  8. A message will appear informing you that the amount will be credited to the informed account within 20; click on “Make transfer”
  9. The system will give you a tracking number, write it down and click “OK”

For those who forgot the password

The consumer who has forgotten his password must access the program’s website and click on “I forgot my password”. When entering your CPF and clicking “OK”, you will be presented with three options:

  • Sending a phrase to remember the password (by email)

  • Sending a page address for registering a new password (by email)

  • And finally, the “Re-register” option. The state suggests using this option as a last resort, for example, if the consumer forgot the password and changed the email. For security reasons, this option requires mailing or attendance at Procon, Poupatempo or at the tax office of the Secretary of Finance (it is necessary to schedule the service) to unlock the password. The measure is taken to prevent fraud and creation of fake accounts. Appointments can be scheduled, in person or online, through the page

How to register for the program

  1. Visit the Nota Fiscal Paulista website
  2. Click on “Individual Registration”
  3. Fill in the requested information
  4. Click “I’m not a robot” and “Next”
  5. The registration is with the CPF and the password created by the taxpayer

Credit can be sent to IPVA in October

In addition to redeeming the values ​​of Nota Paulista in the current account or savings account, consumers can transfer the money to pay the IPVA (Tax on the Ownership of Motor Vehicles). This option, however, is only available from the month of October. This month, for example, it is not possible to make this transfer.

Before, when the period was up to five years after the purchase, taxpayers could “save” the credits for months to be able to reduce or even settle the IPVA of the following year.


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