Mother reveals reason behind Jessilane’s crying spells at BBB22

Cleu Alves, mother of Jessilane Alves, clarified doubts from BBB22 viewers about one of her sister’s main characteristics: her crying spells in the most diverse situations.

According to Cleu, Jessi used to cry the same way outside of the reality show, and she remembered the pressure that the teacher is suffering at home.


“At home, she’s a bit like that. Not so much because she doesn’t have that much pressure. But if something happened at the school where she teaches, when she was going to tell me, she would burst into tears,” Cleu told the column Patrícia Kogut, from the newspaper O Globo.

“I think it’s a family thing. My mother had 10 children. Sometimes my father would take a few doses and he would contradict her. If she was having lunch, plate in hand, right there, eating, the tears would start to come down,” he explained.

Cleu also stated that she also tends to cry excessively: “I was really a crybaby. For about three years now, I’ve dried my tears. I never liked fighting, facing people to argue. It seems I was afraid. That Jessilane also has. She doesn’t like to argue. It’s hard for her to do that. Then she starts talking and crying.”

Jessilane is the only woman left in the house after the elimination of Linn da Quebrada and Natália Deodato, her “godmothers”.

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