Maximum Alert | Secretariat announces occurrences of “hand-foot-mouth” disease in Vitória da Conquista

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The Epidemiological Surveillance Coordination (VIEP) of the Municipal Health Department (SMS) issues an alert to parents about the occurrence of hand-foot-mouth disease (DMPB) in Vitória da Conquista, which is mainly affecting children under five years of age. of age, although it can also affect adults. According to information released on Thursday night (14), “it is a contagious viral infection, caused by an enterovirus (Coxsackie A16), which causes lesions in the mouth and rashes on the hands and feet. Transmission occurs through the oral or fecal route, through direct contact with respiratory secretions (saliva), wounds that form on the hands and feet, through contact with the feces of infected people or through contaminated food and objects. Check the details.

Symptoms can last for a week, when the greatest risk of contagion of the disease occurs. The main signs and symptoms are:

  • High fever in the days before the lesions appear;
  • Appearance of red spots with white-gray blisters in the center, which can progress to very painful ulcerations in the mouth, tonsils and pharynx;
  • Eruption of small blisters, usually on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet, and occasionally on the buttocks and genital area;
  • Malaise, lack of appetite, vomiting and diarrhea;
  • Difficulty swallowing and excessive salivation due to pain.

The diagnosis is clinical, based on the symptoms, location and appearance of the lesions. There is still no specific treatment for the disease. In general, as with other viral infections, it spontaneously resolves after a few days. Therefore, in most cases, treatment is done with antipyretic and anti-inflammatory drugs. Ideally, the child should remain at rest, drink plenty of fluids and eat well, despite the sore throat.

In case of symptoms characteristic of the disease, the child should be taken to the nearest Health Unit, for diagnosis and guidance, and start treatment and control of the syndrome.

Prevention and Control Measures

There is still no vaccine against hand-foot-and-mouth disease. Measures to prevent and interrupt the chain of transmission are important, such as: removal of the symptomatic child from school or day care until medical advice to return; frequent hand washing with soap and water, especially after changing diapers and using the toilet; avoid close contact and sharing of utensils; cleaning and disinfection of surfaces, including toys.

Some schools and day care centers in the municipality have registered cases of the syndrome in students, and Viep has made the necessary interventions. “We are already making a movement with schools in the municipal network and also in the private network, in a punctual way, for clarification and guidance about childhood diseases and the importance of care to avoid collective transmission”, said Viep coordinator Amanda Maria Lime.

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