Lulu Santos and OUTROEU launch Praia; read interview

Lulu Santos is definitely not the last romantic, as he suspected when he released the eponymous song. Almost 40 years later, the singer joined the duo OUTROEU in the unreleased “Praia”, where the trio sings “at any age everything is a dream” and that “it is not vanity to assume that love lasts an eternity”, excerpts suggested by Lulu.

“I’m from another era, but I’m a time traveler. I follow time and listen to these sweetly romantic songs”, says Lulu in an interview with splashciting other young artists who recorded with him recently, such as the trio Melim and the singer Vitor Kley.

In the year that her first solo album —”Tempos Modernos”— turns 40, Lulu celebrates having “fallen with a parachute” in OUTROEU’s new single. “We are in need of affection. People, all of us. A caress, a hug, a friendly chest. This is what we want from life. Humanity has gone from two to three very difficult years”, he says about the content of the song and the moment when it reaches the audience.

The best we can do is celebrate the love between us, the survivors. Lulu Santos

The invitation to “Praia” came from Guto, who sent an unpretentious message to the idol on Instagram. Upon receiving the yes from Lulu, in audio format, he shared it with his partner Mike Túlio. “Cry there”.

What the duo did not expect was the singer’s praise for “Oceana”, a song they recorded with Melim and which Lulu confesses that she would have liked to have done. “The way he spoke was very nice, very beautiful. We were flattered because we are also very influenced by him”, says Guto.

Lulu already came from a sequence of essentially romantic songs, especially influenced by her husband, Clebson. In 2019, for example, Lulu released an entire album (“Pra Semper”) dedicated to the phases of passion. The couple turned four years together this week.

With the pandemic, they started to share the same roof, as they used to stay on the Rio de Janeiro – Belo Horizonte bridge. “Those who weren’t together suffered a lot of loneliness. Even those who were together, think if I were still in the situation of being in separate cities”, reflects Lulu.

We need to pass this stage and go for the hug, for the ‘lambeijo’ Lulu Santos

new romantics

OUTROEU and Lulu Santos recorded the song ‘Praia’ together

Image: Lucas Vermellio/Disclosure

OUTROEU became nationally known in 2016, when it participated in Superstar. With folk influences, Nova Iguaçu’s friends identified themselves from the first meeting.

“Since we were little, we’ve listened to a lot of romantic music. When we got to know each other, we noticed that there were several things we liked that other people didn’t. The romantic side.”

Considered the king of Brazilian pop, Lulu was enchanted by the strong identity and Brazilianness of the new generation. “There’s something interesting about the OTHEREU inserted in this younger generation, especially them, you identify traces of what is a continuity of the pop Brazilian. There are the guitars, a natural freshness, the way they place themselves, to present themselves. Something very unpretentious and unarmed and at the same time very well designed, very well done.”

He recalls that his own songs gained new guises in the hands of a generation that grew up listening to Lulu Santos at the opening of “Malhação” (“Assim Caminha a Humanidade” was the soundtrack of the soap opera for seven years) and watching the singer as a judge on “The Voice Brazil”, a position he has held on TV for ten years.

“‘Apenas Mais Uma de Amor’, which is my biggest flagship right now, was re-recorded by NX Zero and several other artists. It was in 2000 that the song took off”, recalls Lulu, who says she still does not consider herself a “representative of the 1980s”.

“My biggest numbers came from the 1990s,” he says. Lulu, by the way, does not intend to make a formal commemoration of the 40 years of her first album.

“This year marks 40 years since ‘Modern Times’ came out. But my first single came out in 1981. So in 2021, last year, it was 40 years since my first single. Next year will be 40 years since my second album, ‘O Ritmo do Momento’. And in fact my recording career began in 1976 with the release of the single by Vímana. And I’ve been active since 1972. So there are many anniversaries.”

For post-pandemic Lulu, the ideal is to celebrate every day, “In the next few years everything will be 40 years old. So let’s take it for granted and start celebrating everyday life, the love of every day. to celebrate the everyday.”

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