Lívia responds to Silvio Santos’ daughter’s comment about Globo

The day before her debut on Globo, this Sunday (29/8), Lívia Andrade spoke for the first time and exclusively for the LeoDias column about the comment of Daniela Beyruti, daughter “number 3” of Silvio Santos, in relation to her hiring by competitor. For the former SBT presenter, there was a little “jealousy for good” on the part of the businesswoman.

“I was told that she[Daniela Beyruti]doesn’t usually make comments. But I didn’t see it as uncomfortable on her part, I even laughed. It wasn’t jealousy on the evil side, I was a child of the house, I spent more than 20 years at SBT and I have a very special affection for them and I believe they do for me too. Everything I did there, I was really very happy, I gave good results to the station, so I think I got this ‘jealousy’. I found it very funny”, said Livia to our report during her time at the [DanielaBeyruti)nãocostumafazercomentáriosMaseunãoviissocomoincômododapartedelaeuatédeirisadaNãofoiciúmedoladomaldosoeufuicriadacasafiqueimaisde20anosnoSBTetenhoumcarinhomuitoespecialporeleseacreditoqueelestambémpormimTudoquefizalieufuirealmentemuitofelízdeibonsresultadosparaaemissoraentãoachoquedeuesse‘ciuminho’Euacheimuitoengraçado”disseLiviaanossareportagemdurantesuapassagemnored captured of the BB Ball, which took place on Saturday night (28/8).

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Find out what Daniela Beyruti said about the hiring of Lívia Andrade by Globo:

“Jeez! One day Record wanted to be Globo and now Globo wants to be SBT, you’ll understand. Lívia, Pri Alcântara, Maisa, Larissa Manoela and even Eliana is now being probed to appear on the plim plim screens… SBT, the happiest TV in Brazil”, commented Daniela in the news published by the LeoDias column on Instagram.

1st day of Lívia on Sunday with Huck

On the first day of recording “Domingão”, Lívia says she was fulfilled with the reception of the producers and colleagues. “It couldn’t have been better, it was so amazing, far beyond what I imagined. Domingão’s family, the producers, everyone involved there, from the moment I arrived, was incredible, everyone was waiting for me”.

Now part of the permanent jury of Believe em Quem Queser, she claims to have arrived very shy at the station. “Still knowing the territory, it was a very nice recording day. What excited me the most was leaving Sunday and going back to Sunday. Leaving prime time, a very special place… and I wasn’t going to go back with that, but I decided to park what I was doing, because I found the moment much more special,” she celebrated.

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