Johnny Depp and Amber Heard’s Therapist Reveals ‘Mutual Abuse’, Cites Assaults, Describes Consultations With Ex-couple

The judgment of the lawsuit that Johnny Depp brings against Amber Heard continues to reveal new information about the turbulent marriage of the two, which came to an end in 2016. This Thursday (13), it was the turn of a therapist to expose the perceptions she had while attending to the couple. According to her, the artists would have lived a routine of “mutual abuse” in the relationship.

Laurel Anderson participated in the trial through a video deposition shown at the Court in Fairfax, Virginia. According to Deadline, the therapist said that both were victims of abuse in their youth and that this was reflected in their marriage. “He was pretty controlled for, I don’t know, for almost 20, 30 years, and they were both victims of abuse in their homes, but I think he was in control for decades. And with Mrs. Heard, his triggers were activated and they engaged in what I saw as mutual abuse”she said.

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Anderson followed the couple through 21 sessions and detailed what their behaviors were like. According to her, Heard had a “smashing style of speaking” and spoke with a lot of vigor, while Depp “had trouble speaking at a similar pace.” In one of the visits, the therapist noted that the star would have assaulted his wife. “He hits her. No closed fist. She hits back and starts it out of pride because her dad hit her”she wrote in a note.

Amber Heard and Johnny Depp face a new trial in a lawsuit filed by the star. (Photos: Getty)

The therapist explained that the note was made about an account by Amber, when the artist said that Johnny would have given her a “slap with an open hand”. “She said she fights back out of pride… A lot of things are triggers for her. If she’s cocked, she hits him first.”pointed out Laurel.

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After a nasty fight in May 2016, Amber visited her therapist and talked about what had happened. Now Anderson has opened up about the appointment and said he saw a bruise on his patient’s face, as well as some pictures of what happened. According to the therapist, the actress claimed that Depp would have thrown a phone at her and hit her during the fight. At the time, the argument led to Heard getting a restraining order against the star.

The process

Years after their split, Johnny Depp accuses Amber Heard of defamation. The whole story began in 2018, when the actress wrote an article in “The Washington Post” claiming that she is a survivor of domestic violence. As much as she has not mentioned the artist’s name, he has filed a lawsuit and claims that the ex’s text brought damage to her reputation.

Johnny Depp accuses Amber Heard of defamation, after the actress reports that she was a victim of domestic violence. (Photo: Getty)

In court, Depp wants to prove that the details of Heard’s depositions would be false. The star asked for compensation of US$ 50 million (approximately R$ 233 million). Heard, in turn, made a contrary claim and asked for US$ 100 million (about R$ 467 million) later. The trial began this week and the jury will give its verdict on the matter.

In the first days in court, other revelations and strong testimonies emerged, such as an accusation of sexual assault by the actress. Find out all the details by clicking here.

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