Jeez! Three Xbox games are free on the Microsoft Store

Redeem right now!

Look at this crazy thing! three games Xbox 360 games are completely free for Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. It is worth remembering that the games of Games With Gold of May has already been revealed, click here to see.

Check out the games that were free on Xbox:

Joe Danger 2: The Movie

See Joe Danger in a thrilling death-defying race set in the most successful movie ever made. Chase bad guys on your police bike, destroy laser-shooting robots with a stolen jetpack, escape giant rocks in a mining cart, travel through time to face dinosaurs and dodge nuclear missiles on your unicycle and face your friends in a fun adventure. multiplayer match for up to four players.

Click here to redeem directly at Microsoft Store.

Cloning Clyde

Dear Clyde, have you gotten your twenty bucks yet? I was thinking that if you did, you could buy this really cool game and still have money left over for one of Kenn’s cool action figures. That would be great and would help me a lot. I was just commenting. Hang in there, Clyde.

Click here to redeem directly at Microsoft Store.


It’s a platform game with an enigmatic plot, where it presents, in the simplest way, the attempt of a man named Tim to rescue a princess from a monster. Clues found in the story lead to multiple metaphorical interpretations, such as the fable of a faltering relationship, or even the development of the atomic bomb.

Unfortunately, the game not available on Brazilian Xbox Live, and if you want to redeem it, you will need to change the region of your account or console to a region where it is available, such as the United States. Don’t know how to switch? Click here to find out, or watch below.

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