‘I’ve been here 6 times’

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posted on 04/14/2022 12:04

(Credit: Reproduction/TV Globo)

One of the things that participants, in general, complain the most over time within Big Brother Brasil is sexual abstinence.

Confined for 88 days inside the most guarded house in Brazil, it is normal for brothers and sisters to miss contact with other people from outside, such as their spouses.

Pedro Scooby revealed to Paulo André Camilo and Arthur Aguiar that he has had nocturnal pollution – popularly known as ejaculation during sleep – a few times on BBB22, TV Globo’s reality show.

“That’s f***ing bro, I’ll tell you, I think that’s why I keep having these nocturnal emissions. When you dream about the parade and wake up all molasses. I’ve had it like six times here [sonhando] with my wife, Cíntia”, said the brother.

“How crazy,” replied the actor and singer. “Not to dream, but to wake up, big boy [excitado]all the time”, commented the sprinter.

“No, dream and wake up like I did it bro,” added the surfer. In the sequence, Arthur joked: “That’s crazy, I’m glad I don’t lie in that bed”.

“No, I’m always in my underwear, shorts. Then I have to change my shorts, I put them in the wash. Doing what, I don’t think, is not a stop I want, no. It’s within the dream, the stop, surreal. I don’t touch myself, do you realize that? It’s the power of the mind, it’s bizarre. It’s been five, six times here.” Pedro Scooby.

Then, Pedro listed that the first time happened at the beginning of the attraction commanded by Tadeu Schmidt.

“The first time was in the leader’s room, in the leadership of Tiago [Abravanel]. I was sleeping on the couch, the same thing, with my hand behind my back, I woke up and said: ‘Damn, did it really happen?’. When I touched the shorts, it was all dirty. I went to the bathroom and had to get a wet tissue to put it on my shorts, on my body,” she said.

“Madness, it’s a parade that’s it, not command, it’s the power of the mind. It’s f***. […] It’s involuntary, the stop is bizarre. Have you never had this in your life?”, asked the athlete to confinement colleagues.

“No,” declared the actor. “I used to, but I didn’t have it here,” replied Paulo André. “No, not all dirty, I woke up wanting to,” added Aguiar.

“No, waking up already done the deal. Before here, I had it with a difference of two years”, recalled Pedro Scooby. “It’s because out there you can’t run out, right, bro”, opined the singer.

“Yeah, no. Me and my wife, the most we stay away from each other is 10, 15 days”, agreed the surfer. Arthur Aguiar also reinforced that inside it is difficult to relieve. “Whether you like it or not, your wife is out there and you can still use the stops there. Here you are limited, what are you going to do?”, he asked.

“I’m limited, then it was just that thing in my head”, Pedro shot. “Bullshit is a f****** lack, right, bro?”, concluded Paulo André.

Check out the video below:

Later, during a chat between Arthur, Jessilane and Gustavo, Maíra Cardi’s husband asked who suffered the most from nocturnal pollution. “A lot of people there”, replied the Biology teacher.

“Is that right? Thank God, I’m not. I’m fine. Are you having a little problem? Just like Scooby?”, asked the actor to the law degree, who revealed: “I’ve had it, twice.”

“What? Lie, bro!”, exclaimed the singer. “Gustavo is full of problems, people,” said Jessi, laughing. “How crazy! But how was that? Did you wake up earlier? Or have you woken up and gone, there was nothing to do?”, Aguiar asked, laughing too.

“I woke up… like, with…”, said the businessman. “With the stop”, completed the actor. “Like, when I go: ‘Ah'”, Gustavo continued, letting out a groan.

“Did you make any noise?”, asked Arthur Aguiar. “I don’t know. It’s recorded there”, highlighted the law graduate. “You were already alone [sem a Laís]?”, asked the actor. “Not the first time”, replied the lawyer.

“Maybe that’s it, man. Maybe you were stimulated, right?”, asked the singer. “F***, I can’t even remember the last time I stayed almost three months [sem sexo]…”, regretted Gustavo. “If you don’t remember, imagine me, I’m married”, concluded Arthur.

It is worth noting that, according to the Brazilian Center of Urology, nocturnal pollution may or may not be accompanied by erotic dreams. The institution also explains that the episodes are common in adolescence and young adults, but can occur in cases where adults go a long time without sexual intercourse, in the case of Pedro and Gustavo.


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