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Three years after giving life to Ticiano, the king of lambada in Verão 90 (2019), and less than a year after shooting several spicy scenes in Verdades Secretas 2 (2021), Ícaro Silva is preparing to play such a villain. The actor will play Leonardo in Cara e Coragem, Globo’s next seven-hour soap opera, which is scheduled to premiere on May 30 and will replace Quanto Mais Vida, Melhor!. In the plot, he will be involved in the murder of his own sister.

In the serial written by Claudia Souto, Leonardo is a successful businessman and millionaire who wants even more money and power. The son of Martha Gusmão (Claudia Di Moura), with whom he has a conflicting relationship, the boy will do anything to overthrow his sister, Clarice (Taís Araujo) from the presidency of the family’s steel mill.

“Leonardo is a young businessman, traveled, cultured and one of the villains of history. We took advantage of the actor’s elegant air for a costume proposal that refers to the style of Nigerian entrepreneurs and with more closed tones, dark colors”, explains Tereza Nabuco, costume designer of Face and Courage.

The characterization, in charge of Dayse Teixeira and conceptualized by Brenno Melo, also included contact lenses that leave the actor’s eyes with an almond-shaped, honey-colored tone.

Emotionally unstable, Leonardo will use his lover, Regina (Mel Lisboa), to obtain privileged information about his sister. The secretary of the board will tell the villain all the steps of the boss without anyone suspecting that the two work together in Clarice’s downfall.

“Leonardo is a guy who has this fragile psyche and who calms down in this relationship with Regina, which is real, but that she also takes advantage of this love to move up in life and be rich”, explains author Claudia Souto, who minimizes the evils that Leonardo will do against Clarice to throw off the character’s worst villainies: “It’s an ordinary family. With brothers like Clarice and Leonardo, who fight and reconcile, welcome each other. relationship works”.

The character of Ícaro Silva will set up to get his hands on a secret formula created by the creation department of the steel company. He knows that the project, if sold to the arms industry, would make much more money than being used by pharmaceutical companies, which is Clarice’s wish.


Ícaro Silva will use honey-colored contact lens

Briefcase with millions in the hands of stuntmen

When the folder with information about the formula disappears, the businesswoman will hire stuntmen Pat (Paolla Oliveira) and Moa (Marcelo Serrado) to rescue the documents, which have a tracker and will be in a place that is difficult to access.

Despite the real-life danger, the stunt duo sees this job as a chance to get out of the financial squeeze and be able to provide greater comfort for their families.

After facing several challenges, they will find the folder, but soon they will discover that Clarice is dead. Without getting the reward for the work and having in hand the folder with the research that is worth millions, Pat and Moa will start an investigation to find out what really happened to the character of Taís Araujo and who would be interested in the formula.

The death of his sister will affect Leonardo, as the ambitious businessman will be involved, in some way, in the events of the fateful night of the crime and also its consequences.

Everything will be even more confusing when the stuntmen discover that the dead woman has a double: massage therapist Anita (Taís Araujo). She will be the key to unraveling Leonardo’s plans in the serial.

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