Hanging victim breaks silence on Ezra Miller assault case

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In the last years, Ezra Miller has been making increasingly unbelievable headlines. The most recent case to come to light was an allegation of harassment, but it is just one more in a list that includes allegations of refugee children on drug farms, death threats, drugging fans, theft of intellectual property and two arrests in Hawaii. . But it all started in Iceland. Today (30), the woman who had been hanged by Miller on video broke the silence for Variety.

After the stop of filming of fantastic beastsin March 2020, Ezra Miller retired to Reykjavik, the capital of the Nordic country. In the early days of the pandemic, he already became a staple in local bars and it didn’t take long to cause confusion.

The portal spoke with Carlos Reynir, a pub bartender at the time, who claimed to have intervened in two situations involving Miller. The first began with apparently friendly taunts involving a man who frequented the place, who ended up being hanged and slapped by the celebrity.

After Carlos stopped the fight, Miller apologized and the other customer took it easy. “We let it go like two friends getting drunk and starting to fight,” explained the bartender, “It’s Iceland. It happens at least twice a week.” But the other case was a little more heated and made headlines around the world when a video of the celebrity hanging a woman circulated online.

Ezra Miller in The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

It all started very nicely. The woman commented on bruises on Miller’s feet, who was wearing flip-flops at the time. Elu explained how she got into a fight. And when it was time to say goodbye, the woman joked that she would get the better of a fight between the two.

So far, Ezra seemed to be taking it easy, saying “Do you really want to fight?” in a light tone. The woman joked that they could solve everything in the smoking area and that was all.

Elu didn’t even make a move to leave the bar at first. However, a friend of the girl decided to interfere, saying that he heard Miller say that he didn’t want to fight, insinuating that Ezra was afraid of the woman. “It was a joke, obviously, but he took it to the staff and got super pissed off and ran outside,” told the victim. That’s when the scene in the video happened:

“I thought it was just a joke, until it wasn’t anymore,” she said, “Out of nowhere, he was on top of me, choking me, still screaming in my face if I wanted to fight. My friend who was filming saw that it was no longer a joke and had gotten serious, so he stopped recording, pushed [Ezra] from above me while [elu] was still trying to fight me. Two guys who were with me held [Miller] While [elu] shouted ‘This is what you wanted!’”

According to the woman, Ezra Miller even spat in the face of his friends repeatedly. The same happened to bartender Reynir when he arrived for work, in the midst of this mess. He decided to kick Miller out of the bar for good, locking the back door. “Elu started spitting in my face several times, so with a final push I closed and locked the door,” tell the bartender.

Carlos had to lock the front door too, because the celebrity had already turned around to try to re-enter the establishment. Ezra pounded on the door incessantly, demanding that he be let in, until two friends emerged and took the celebrity away. Three sources who were present, in addition to the bar manager, confirmed the bartender’s statement.

“I thought elu was great at first. We would talk about all sorts of spiritual things and go deep into philosophy.” told Carlos, “[É como se] elu wore this wonderful sweetheart mask with a completely open mind, someone who is ready to help and talk to anyone. But as soon as someone does something he doesn’t agree with or doesn’t like, [toda a reação] it’s their fault, no [do Ezra].”

After what happened, the man needed to take an urgent test for COVID-19. At the time, there was still a long way to go for vaccines, which put everyone who received spit in serious danger of contracting the disease. Fortunately, all tested negative.

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