Guanabara Niterói publishes last minute offers for Easter

This Easter will be even more special, marking the resumption of family and friends meetings. And for those who left their shopping to the last minute, the supermarket chain guanabara, released offers worth checking out. The network highlighted offers for chocolate eggs, chocolates, wines, fishes and oils. Check the prices posted by the network below.. The network works normally on April 15, 21 and 23, that is, they will open at 7:30 am and close at 10 pm.

Chocolate eggs

*Prices valid until April 15

Lacta milk egg, 170g: R$ 19.98

Black Diamond Egg, 176g: BRL 19.98

Sonho de Valsa Egg, 277g: BRL 19.98

Barbie Egg, 166g: R$ 37.98

Wonder Woman Egg, 166g: R$ 37.98

Hot Wheels Egg, 166g: BRL 37.98

Sonho de Valsa Egg, 357g: 27.98

Bis Milk Egg, 318g: BRL 27.98

Black Diamond Egg, 300g: BRL 27.98

Favorite Lacta Egg, 560g: R$ 59.98

Batman Egg, 166g: R$ 37.98

Triple Layer Oreo Egg, 320g: R$ 37.98

Triple Layer Hazelnut Egg, 320g: R$ 37.98

White Triple Layer Egg, 320g: R$ 37.98

Laka Egg, 175g: BRL 17.98

Oreo Egg, 257 g: BRL 19.98

Black Diamond Egg, 500g: R$ 59.98


*Prices valid until April 18

Porca de Murça Portuguese wine (except Reserva): R$ 49.99

Chilean wine Sol de Chile, 750 ml (except Reserva): R$ 17.99

Chilean Wine AS3 Cabernet Sauvignon, Varietal: R$ 24.99

Chilean Wine Concha Y Toro Reserved, 750ml: R$ 24.99

Chilean Wine Sta Vita Reserved, 750ml: R$ 17.99

Chilean Wine Lagos Del Andes, 750ml : R$ 17.99


*Prices valid until April 18

Chef’s Merluza Fish Fillet, 800g: R$ 25.98

Chef’s Polish Fish Fillet, 500g: R$ 18.98

Saith dried salted fish kg: R$ 49.98

Cod loin desalted Bacalanor kg: R$ 99.98

Porto Cod Kg: BRL 69.98

Frescatto dogfish steak, 500g: BRL 19.98

Fresh Dogfish Fillet, 500g: BRL 21.98

Cooked Headless Gray Shrimp 55/80 Frescatto, 400g: R$ 28.98

Frescatto Sole Fillet, 500g: R$ 34.90

Fresh Tilapia Fillet, 500g: R$ 27.98

Frescatto Smoked Salmon Fillet, 100g: R$ 24.98

Frescatto Cod Loin, 680g: R$ 89.98

Piramutaba Buona Pesca steak, 500g: R$14.98

Flattened Sardines Buona Pesca, 800: R$ 21.98

Whole gray shrimp Buona Pesca, 200g : R$ 9.98

Buona Pesca headless gray shrimp, 200g: R$ 11.98

Peeled gray shrimp Buona Pesca, 200g : R$ 22.98

Buona Pesca Dogfish Post, 500g: BRL 17.98

Buona Pesca Dogfish Post, 800g: BRL 26.98

Buona Pesca shark fillet, 500g: R$ 19.98

Buona Pesca Dourado Post, 500g: R$ 18.98

Copacol Tilapia Steak, 800g: R$ 15.98

Buona Pesca Tilapia Post, 500g: R$15.98

Buona Pesca Squid Rings, 400g: R$ 23.20

Frescatto mussels, 400g: BRL 25.50

Frescatto Octopus Tentacles, 700g: R$ 76.98

Buona Pesca Salmon Fillet, 250g: R$ 17.98

Salmon Fillet in pieces Buona Pesca Kg: R$ 93.98

Salmon Loin in pieces Buona Pesca, 600g: R$ 89.98

Frescatto Dorado Loin, 500g: R$ 36.98


*Prices valid until April 18

Chocolate Garoto 90g/96g (Exc. Talent): R$ 3.49

Nestlé Chocolate 90g/97g/98g/99g AND 100g (Exc.Mio): R$ 3.99

Lacta Chocolate 90g/100g: BRL 3.99

Bis Lacta 100.8g/126g: BRL 4.99

Bis Xtra, 45g: BRL 1.69

Nestlé Specialty Candy, 251g: BRL 8.29

Candy Assorted Garoto, 250g: R$ 7.99

Olive oil

*Prices valid until April 18

Gallo Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 400ml: R$ 16.98

O-Live Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 400ml: R$ 16.98

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