Gasoline price has reduced in Joinville, according to research by Procon; see values

The price of a liter of gasoline had a reduction of 1.36%, according to a survey by Procon de Joinville, held this Wednesday, 13. While in diesel, the drop was 2.87%. In all, fuel values ​​were consulted at 99 gas stations in the city.

The lowest price found for a liter of regular gasoline was R$6,770 and the most expensive was R$7,099. The average price stood at 6,881. When filling a 50 liter tank with the most affordable price compared to the most expensive, the driver can save R$ 16.45 in the case of regular gasoline.

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According to research, the price of the cheapest diesel liter was R$ 6,180 and the most expensive R$ 7,099, with an average price of R$ 6,508. The savings when filling a 50 liter tank can reach R$ 45.95.

On the Joinville City Hall website you can find a list of the lowest prices and also a list of all gas stations, addresses, flags and price per fuel.

Where to find the cheapest gas

  • R$ 6,770: Auto Posto Petroveiga (Rua Dona Francisca, 11615, District of Pirabeiraba)
  • BRL 6,779: Posto Bavária (BR 101 highway, km 28, Pirabeiraba)
  • R$ 6,789: Auto Posto Betel (Rua Jarivatuba, 1265, Jarivatuba)
  • BRL 6,789: Rede Dias Post (208 Otto Pfuetzenreuter Street, Costa e Silva)
  • R$ 6,799: Auto Posto Florence (St. Monsenhor Gercino, 1840, Itaum)
  • BRL 6,799: Audax Post (179, Rua Papa João XXIII, Iririú)
  • R$ 6,800: Delta Post (320 Anita Garibaldi Street, Anita Garibaldi)
  • R$ 6,800: Delta Post (Rua Florianópolis, 2500, Itaum)
  • BRL 6,800: Pastorello Post (730 Guanabara Street, Guanabara)
  • R$ 6,800: Bela Vista Service Station (25 Conselheiro Lafayete Street, Boa Vista)
  • R$ 6,800: Auto Posto Jardim (street Dr Julio de Mesquita, 510, Jardim Iririú)
  • R$ 6,800: Delta Post (Avenida Santos Dumont, 1626, Bom Retiro)
  • R$ 6,800: Auto Posto Olinda (Avenida Marquês de Olinda, 430, Glória)

Cooking gas research

The Joinville Procon also released a survey of the price of gas cylinders weighing 13 kilos this April. The lowest value found for withdrawal at the counter was R$ 112 and the highest R$ 130. As for delivery, the variation in price reaches R$ 35 reais, with the cheapest being R$ 120 and the most expensive R$ 155 .Procon surveys are available on the Joinville City Hall website.

See where to find gas cylinder

Find out which are the cheapest places to find the gas cylinder for delivery.

  • R$ 120: Alô Gás Joinville (Rua João Reinhold, 155, Iririú)
  • R$ 125: Prata Gás (895 Rua Das Cegonhas, Jardim Iririú)
  • R$ 125: Ville Gás (89, Rua Manaus, Saguaçu)
  • R$ 125: Alemão do Gás (Minas Gerais Street, s/n, Nova Brasília)
  • R$ 125: Barragan Gás (1308 Kurt Meinert Street, Paranaguamirim)

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