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The sweetest holiday of the year is already among us! And to celebrate with the children in the best way, Gshow prepared a list of films that approach the theme and touch the imagination of the little ones.

The different ways of bunny of Easter and the history of that commemorative date are put into fun and exciting stories.

Check out the highlights! 👇

List brings movie tips for kids to watch at Easter

The film is based on the book of Exodus which tells the story of Moses, a Jew adopted and raised as an Egyptian prince, who ends up discovering his true origins and decides to abandon life in the palace to save the Hebrew people from slavery.

‘The Prince of Egypt’ is available on Globoplay — Photo: Reproduction

Pedro Coelho is a rebellious animal that messes up a lot at Mr. McGregor, with whom he fights a tough battle for affection and attention from an animal lover named Bea.

Pedro Coelho is one of the most stylish Easter bunnies! — Photo: Reproduction

The Dog That Saved Easter

A dog springs into action when three criminals try to sabotage a clinic that cares for canines. Adorable Zeus will make new friends and enemies as he uses his skills to save Easter.

The Dog That Saved Easter is a 2012 hit — Photo: Reproduction

The fantastic chocolate factory

Young Charlie Bucket and his grandfather Joe join a small group of competition winners who go on a tour of the magical and mysterious factory owned by eccentric Willy Wonka. Aided by his hardworking dwarves, Wonka hides a surprise

Violet Beauregarde in a scene from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ — Photo: Reproduction Instagram / Warner Bros.

A boy’s ability to predict the future causes family discord, leading him to Egypt, where he helps the pharaoh protect the kingdom and prevent tragedy.

‘JosĂ© – The King of Dreams’ is an Easter holiday classic — Photo: Reproduction

Junior dreams of being a pop star, but his father, the Easter Bunny, wants him to continue the holiday tradition. Upon arriving in Hollywood, the son is run over by a man who ends up agreeing to help the bunny in his music career. However, Junior doesn’t realize that something strange begins to happen on Easter Island.

‘Hop – Rebel Without Easter’ — Photo: Reproduction

Santa Claus Jack Frost, a boy who controls the winter, joins the Immortal Guardians team to stop Pitch, the Boggart, from turning all children’s dreams into nightmares. The heroes are the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Sandman

‘Rise of the Guardians’ brings remarkable characters from childhood – Photo: Reproduction

The detectives, looking forward to Easter, were hoping to find eggs hidden in the corners of the blue building. But instead, they are surprised by notes with very weird messages.

‘DPA’ has an Easter special available on Globoplay — Photo: Disclosure/DesirĂ©e do Valle

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