Discover the trajectory of Lúcia Maggi, the richest woman in Brazil

A report by Portal UOL details how agribusiness entrepreneur Lúcia Borges Maggi, 89, became the richest woman in Brazil and one of the richest in the world. She is the mother of former Agriculture Minister Blairo Maggi (PP).

According to Forbes Magazine published last week, Lúcia Maggi has a net worth of around US$ 7.4 billion (about R$ 34.6 billion).

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Soybean queen and politician’s mother: who is and where does the richest in Brazil live

At the top of the list of the eight richest women in Brazil, according to Forbes magazine’s ranking, is the 89-year-old agribusiness entrepreneur Lúcia Borges Maggi, whose net worth is around US$ 7.4 billion (about R$ 34 billion). .6 billion).

Born in Rio Grande do Sul, Lúcia was married to another businessman André Maggi. The two founded together, in São Miguel do Iguaçu (PR), in 1977, a company initially called Sementes Maggi, specialized in planting and trading soybeans.

Over the years, the company also invested in other commodities and became the André Maggi Group, which later became known as the Amaggi Group, becoming one of the largest soy-producing companies in Brazil.

In 2001, her husband André died and Lúcia took over as the majority shareholder of the company. Today, she serves as an advisory member of Amaggi’s board of directors.

In addition to appearing leading the eight largest Brazilian billionaires, Lúcia also occupies the 350th position among the richest people in the world, according to the Forbes ranking.

Expansion in agribusiness

In 1979, two years after the soy company was founded, the couple moved their headquarters to Rondonópolis, in Mato Grosso, a symbol state for the cultivation of the grain.

From there, the group expanded its business, going from simple planting to processing grains, selling fertilizers, passing through electric power generation, and logistic and port operations.

The colossal success in Brazil led shareholders to bet on the internationalization of the business, reaching the point of expanding operations in several countries in Latin America and Europe, in addition to China.

Grupo Amaggi became a holding company that controls four divisions of companies linked to agribusiness.

Currently, the company’s headquarters is located in the capital Cuiabá and has a ten meter tall mastic tree planted at the entrance of the headquarters. Lúcia Maggi, however, remains living in Rondonópolis.

From agribusiness to politics

The surname Maggi also gained prominence in national politics, when Lucia’s only son, Blairo Maggi, decided to enter politics. At the time, Blairo was already one of the company’s shareholders.

He was governor of Mato Grosso for two terms (2003 and 2007), in addition to being a senator and minister of Agriculture in the Michel Temer government, after the impeachment of then president Dilma Rousseff.

In 2013, Blairo took over the presidency of the Senate’s Committee on the Environment, Inspection and Control, facing strong resistance from environmental movements.

According to Forbes itself, Blairo was once considered one of the most influential people in the world, even earning the nickname “King of Soy”.

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