Discover the C6 bank loan and see how to apply

THE C6 consigned is a line of credit for retirees, federal civil servants and INSS pensioners. So, with it you will get better rates and payment terms according to your financial profile.

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What is C6 Consigned and how does it work?

This modality is like a conventional personal loan, without having to justify the use of money and it is also not necessary to include any asset as collateral. It is not mandatory to have a bank account to apply.

The main feature of the payroll model is that the loan installments are subtracted from the customer’s payroll.

What is needed to apply for the loan?

To apply for credit, there are some criteria such as the value of the installments that must not exceed the limit of the beneficiary’s assignable margin (up to 35%). In addition, the following documents are required for the credit analysis:

  • RG or CNH;
  • CPF;
  • Personal data: address, date of birth, full name;
  • If the request is made by WhatsApp, it will be necessary to present a photo of you in selfie mode.

Where can I apply for the loan?

To request a consigned C6 loancontact one of the correspondents of the bank closest to your region at list provided by C6and get in touch to start the credit analysis.

If you have any questions, please contact one of C6 Bank’s communication channels:

  • Capitals and metropolitan regions: 3003-6206 0800;
  • Other regions: 770 6206;
  • Contact Center: Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm, and Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm;
  • SAC (24h operation): 0800 770 6211;
  • WhatsApp: (11) 2832 6266;
  • By email: [email protected] (informing name, CPF and request number).

What are the credit rates and conditions?

The amounts applied by the consigned C6 and the installment options will be according to the analysis of the customers’ profile. However, the company follows government guidelines with the maximum interest rate applied.

  • INSS Pensioners and Retirees: 2.14%;
  • Federal public servants: 2.05%.

Who can apply?

It is necessary to have a consignable margin available, as the installments cannot exceed 35% of your monthly earnings. If you have exceeded this limit, the request will be declined. You can apply for the payroll loan:

  • INSS retirees and pensioners;
  • Federal public servants;
  • It is not necessary to have any connection with the bank to enter the loan;
  • Those who are negative can also request a credit analysis.

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