Deolane Bezerra, who was searched and apprehended by the police, is defended by former BBB Adélia Soares | Sao Paulo

Digital influencer Deolane Bezerra, who was searched and apprehended by the Civil Police on Wednesday (13), is defended by the office of former BBB Adélia Soares, who participated in the 16th edition of the reality show, in 2016.

Even with the fame obtained in the reality show, Adélia continues to act as a lawyer and, in addition to representing Deolane Bezerra, has already defended Mc Mirella, for example.

On the firm’s website, she presents herself as a specialist in consumer rights and artists’ rights.

For 11 years, Adélia was director of Procon in Suzano, in the interior of São Paulo. Upon leaving the post, she opened the Consumer Defense Institute (Idecon).

Lawyer Adélia Soares participated in Big Brother Brazil in 2016. — Photo: Globo/Disclosure

The lawyer was the seventh eliminated from the reality show in that edition and, in addition to the fame obtained by the BBB, Adélia also became a meme in 2018, when she tried to be elected federal deputy for the Patriota party and used the jingle “Come on”.

On social media, netizens joked about the fact that the former BBB took over the case of the digital influencer, who is also a lawyer.

Deolane Bezerra and Tirulipa had their mansions inspected by the Civil Police of São Paulo — Photo: Reproduction/Personal archive

Digital influencers Deolane Bezerra and Tirulipa reported, through their defenses on social media, that the Civil Police carried out searches and seizures at their homes this Wednesday (14) in Barueri, in Greater São Paulo. There were no arrests, but items and valuables from the lawyer and comedian were taken.

According to their lawyers, the investigation wants to know if Deolane and Tirulipa were related to Betzord, an internet sports betting company. Betzord is being investigated by the 27th Police District (DP), Campo Belo, on suspicion of “crime against the popular economy and criminal association”, according to the humorist’s defense note (see the full text below).

In press releases on Instagram, the legal departments of Deolane and Tirulipa denied any involvement by their clients in an alleged criminal scheme with Betzord, which is being investigated by the police. They also reported that the influencers only had sponsorship contracts with the company in 2021.

The Public Ministry of São Paulo (MP-SP) informed the g1 that “the evidence and elements will be analyzed by the MPSP and the Civil Police. The case is under judicial secrecy”.

Until the last update of this article, the Public Security Secretariat (SSP) had not responded to the g1’s questions on the subject. In a note, the press office of the Court of Justice (TJ) replied that “this case is being processed in judicial secrecy and we have no information available.”

The report was unable to speak with Deolane, but got in touch this Friday (15th) with her defense (see below). Without mentioning the police operation, the influencer even recorded a video on her social network after the search and seizure at the mansion, in which she says she will have one more “process” (read more below too). Tirulipa and his lawyers were not located as well as representatives of Betzord.

‘I’m calm’, says Deolane

The digital influencer manifested this Friday (15), through a social network, about the seizure of her cars by the Civil Police. According to her, all items are declared.

Deolane Bezerra talks about seizures in her mansion in Grande SP

“I’m very calm because it’s all declared, the way it was will come back”, said the influencer.

Deolane also said that nothing illegal was found at his residence and that the agents took computers, cell phones and two vehicles.

“In my view, there was an excess of police authority because the search and seizure warrant issued by the Justice says that cell phones, computers and objects of illicit origin should be seized, that is, the seizure of vehicles was not in the warrant”, he said.

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