Deborah gets angry in an interview with Lucas Selfie

Deleted this week from the show “The Farm 14“, from TV Record, the influencer Deborah Albuquerque keep quarreling with the guys out here! This Friday, November 12, during Live do Eliminado, she exchanged barbs with the show’s host, Lucas Selfie🇧🇷 was also present Alex Galletewho left the program in the same wave as the redhead and was in the middle of the mood.

Deborah called Lucas “boring”, compared him to Deolane Bezerra, her biggest rival on the show and, at one point, refused to be around the presenter, saying she “didn’t have to go through this”. She still asks Twitter to defend her, but what she received was a lot of criticism for her behavior.

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In addition, the influencer even hinted that she wanted the presenter’s place, criticizing her way of working.

After the show, Lucas tweeted about the tense situation of dealing with the eliminated:

He added: “I got confused with Deolane and it’s already caused in the studio kkkk” ; “Friday 9:20 pm and I’m facing the fire test kkkk”; “Thank you to those who followed the Live. It’s not always easy, but gnt tries. Next week there will be more”. The controversy made netizens raise the phrase “Lucas Deserves Respect” on Twitter.

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In addition to the Live with Eliminado, she also participated in the ‘Decompression Cabin’ with, received Alex Gallete, in the early hours of Friday. The two eliminated from the eighth roça arrived at the Record TV studio for a conversation with Lucas Selfie. The pair of friends talked about the period in the game and the confusion with the other pawns.

In a hot seat with Moranguinho and Ruivinha de Marte, the former “A Casa” received only 11% of the public votes to remain on the program, while the former “Power Couple Brasil” got 23.19%.

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In addition, opponents received 41.86% and 23.95%, respectively. The near tie between Deborah and the influencer was tight.

Selfie asked the eliminated ones if they understood the reasons for being out of the game and Deborah soon shot at Deolane Bezerraits main rival in the program.

Because of the millionaire and full of haters on top of us. The woman haunts me all day, she knows what I eat, where I was at headquarters, and her voice irritates me. Boring as hell!”.

The presenter of ‘Cabin’ asked Alex if he did not run away from the fights, including with the lawyer. Selfie showed how the audience felt that the influencer promised a lot at the premiere, but delivered little during his stay on the show.

“I chose the matches. And she’s weak, she’s the one that promises the most and doesn’t deliver. She talks behind my back, but she ran away from several fights with me,” she justified.

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Selfie explained to Deborah that the obsession with the boss of Grupo A would have become repetitive for the public and that, with that, the actress Bárbara Borges, with whom the lawyer has been fighting recently, stole the show and gained the spotlight from the audience.

“I fought with everyone there, but as my rivals left, she and I got into more disagreements. The person she hates the most is not Babi, it’s me”, she commented and said that the obsession departed from the opposite side. “She was the one who was obsessed with me”, she defended herself.

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The sparks between Alex and Deborah were also topics in the conversation and both did not deny the disagreements.

“It was visible that people tolerated each other”, said the one who was eliminated. Deborah defended herself and said that she did not want to be part of groups. “This business of combining votes is something I don’t like. I wanted to vote for Deolane,” she said.

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