Cid Moreira’s son denounces journalist and asks for his father’s arrest, says columnist

At the request of the defense of the adopted son of Cid MoreiraRoger Moreira, an inquiry was filed in court to investigate the crimes of homophobia and Child labor allegedly committed by the journalist. He asks for his father’s arrest. The information comes from columnist Leo Dias, from the portal metropolises.

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According to the document to which the columnist had access, the son accuses Cid Moreira of taking him away from school to work, including accompanying him to night events prohibited for minors. Roger was adopted at age 14. The complaints were formalized to the Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro on Thursday (14).

Among the places he says he was forced to attend at this age, are night clubs and play House. The document alleges that the journalist intended to have “a kind of employee”.

Another accusation is the attempt to disown him on the grounds that the young man is gay.

As he was unable to complete the process (legally the adoption cannot be reversed), Cid and his wife, Maria de Fátima, would be getting rid of the patrimony to prevent the young man from having access to the assets he would inherit.

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Cid Moreira lying on a chair performing in video

Cid Moreira and his wife Maria de Fátima Sampaio Moreira

In the lawsuit, Roger’s lawyer alleges that Cid adopted the minor to employ him and would still have prevented him from studying: “he affronted the Child and Adolescent Statute (ECA) and circumvented the adoption law by trying to disinherit the child” , assigned.

If found guilty, the journalist’s sentences can exceed 10 years, with a regime to be defined by the Justice. Currently, Cid is 94 years old.

Understanding adoption and parenting

In an interview with Fabíola Reipert, from the program General balance (RecordTV), last year, Roger said he was adopted in 1991.

He, who is the nephew of Cid Moreira’s ex-wife, would have gone on vacation at his aunt’s house. So, the relationship became closer and he ended up living with his uncles. “There was the call and I ended up staying,” he said. When he turned 20, he was officially adopted.

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Subtitle: Roger Felipe Moreira said he suffered with the situation

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“Our life as a family was normal. I lived with them all my life, normal father and son life,” she said, reporting that she took trips with her parents. Roger explained that living with his father was healthy, but it changed when he started having a relationship.

“At the age of 28, I met a person who was my first love,” he recalled. “I communicated that I wanted to live my life and do things I wasn’t used to doing. My life was dedicated 24 hours a day to Cid. From there, things started to change,” he said.

In addition to the problems caused after dating this person, Cid’s current wife would also make her relationship with her father difficult. Roger added that she calls him a “crow” to insinuate that he only “wants money” from his father.

Sons accuse Cid’s wife of selling journalist’s property

In September 2021, however, Roger and Rodrigo Moreira, sons of the former presenter, filed a lawsuit against his wife, Fátima Sampaio, to prevent her from getting rid of the journalist’s assets.

Previously, the children had already asked for the journalist to be banned.

In the action, the children of the ex-anchor of Jornal Nacional accuse the stepmother of selling a property owned by Cid Moreira valued at R$ 8 million for a much lower price.

According to the children, Fátima Sampaio would be trying to get rid of all the assets that are still in her husband’s name so as not to share the inheritance with her stepchildren.

Fatima has also been accused of false imprisonment against Cid.


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