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A photo of Clarice (Taís Araujo), surrounded by women, all wearing orange pantsuits and a brooch on their lapel, is the clue that Ítalo (Paulo Lessa) has to unravel the businesswoman’s mysterious death.

The ex-security guard and Clarice’s lover found the image in his beloved’s safe, during the SG invasion, and it shows Rico (André Luiz Frambach), who has known the director of Siderúrgica Gusmão since he was a child.

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But before knowing Rico’s reaction, we remember that it was in this outfit that Clarice appeared dead in Lagoa.

Moa and Pat see on TV a news about Clarice's death

Moa and Pat see on TV a news about Clarice’s death

Doubts, many doubts

In ‘Cara e Coragem’, Ítalo (Paulo Lessa) asks Rico (André Luiz Frambach) to help him unravel the enigma of Clarice’s photo (Taís Araujo) — Photo: TV Globo

“We want to know if the outfit has any connection with her death. It was an outfit she wore a lot. It means she went to these meetings a lot, and she probably went that night too”, ponders Ítalo, who knows about the family’s connection. of Rico with the Gusmao.

The mysterious photo of Clarice (Taís Araujo) is a clue to the solution to the mystery of the businesswoman’s death in ‘Cara e Coragem’ — Photo: TV Globo

The sportsman demands to understand why so many doubts about Clarice’s death, why they opened the businesswoman’s safe and, mainly, what is the contents of the folder that is with Pat (Paolla Oliveira) and Moa (Marcelo Serrado).

“I don’t want to screw anyone up. Whether you like it or not, I’m already in it up to my neck. And if it has to do with Clarice’s death, who is a person I knew… Well, to help I have to know what what’s going on!”, asks Rico.

In ‘Cara e Coragem’, Moa (Marcelo Serrado) tells Rico (André Luiz Frambach) the whole truth — Photo: TV Globo

In the face of this, the trio leaves Rico up to date on everything and gains another ally in the parallel investigation.

Rico talks about his contact with the Gusmão family and asks why they didn’t look for Martha (Claudia Di Moura).

“Clarice made it very clear, Rico. We should only talk to one person: Jonathan. A sign that he didn’t trust anyone else”, Pat answers.

The sportsman tells his friends that a person can help them decipher the riddle: Teca (Raquel Rocha).

“I don’t know if it will lead to anything, but I can show this photo to my mother. Does she know which group this is?

Does Teca have the answer to this riddle?

The scenes will air in this Thursday’s chapter, 6/16, of Cara e Coragem.

16 June


Moa decides to tell Rico the whole truth and explains about the paste with the formula. Rebeca discovers that Chiquinho is at Milton’s, Moa’s father’s house. Danilo orders an investigation into Duarte’s life. Steel company security warns Martha that the company has been invaded. Italo, Pat and Moa agree when Rico says he wants to show Teca Clarice’s picture. Renan fights with Lou in front of the dancers, and Isis loves it. Pat invites Lou to lunch. Moa gets angry when she sees Rebeca at Milton’s house. Rico and Ítalo look for pictures of Clarice and Leonardo in Teca’s belongings. Duarte tells Jessica about Anita. Vini encourages Martha to leave the presidency of the company with Leonardo. Jessica meets Anita and is intrigued by the similarity between the massage therapist and Clarice. Rico shows Clarice’s photo to her mother and asks if Teca has information about Clarice’s old habits.

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