Bruna Linzmeyer says goodbye as she passes the baton to Karine

“Pantanal” entered its second phase last Tuesday (12).

And with that, Bruna Linzmeyer said goodbye to Madeleine in “Pantanal”, to pass the baton to Karine Teles in the second phase of the feuilleton of Globe.

Bruna Linzmeyer used her social networks to say goodbye to the character she played in “Pantanal”, a serial that has been successful in Globe. the plot of Benedito Ruy Barbosa and adapted by Bruno Luperi, his grandson, had a 20-year time pass. Now, who took on the role of Madeleine is the actress Karine Teleswho was recently in the series “Manhãs de Setembro”.

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“I’m crazy about Karine’s work. It’s crazy and at the same time intense and unpretentious. Handsome, handsome. people date It’s been a long time to work together and now we have our badmad in common. Enjoy the flight Karine and Madeleine. I will be following every frame”he said Bruna Linzmeyer in the post on your Instagram profile.

Bruna Linzmeyer also published a video showing images next to the actresses Letícia Salles and Malu Rodrigueswho lived Phylum and Sister in the first phase of “Pantanal”, joking that they were “eliminated on the wall”, in reference to the BBB22which was eliminated on Tuesday (12). “My G3. Wall day around here too. Today we will be officially ‘eliminated’ from the first phase”, joked the interpreter of Madeleine.

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“My trio, my blackberries, my great partners on this journey. Everything was much better because we were always together”, said the actress of Globe. “I got emotional here. What a delight to have you as partners on this journey”answered Malu Rodrigueswho appears in the publication holding a suitcase and leaving the hotel, as if leaving the global reality show.

Bruna Linzmeyer plays Madeleine in the first phase of 'Pantanal' and Karine Teles in the second phase of Globo's remake (Reproduction / Internet)
Bruna Linzmeyer plays Madeleine in the first phase of ‘Pantanal’ and Karine Teles in the second phase of Globo’s remake (Reproduction / Internet)


interpreter of Maria Marruá in the new version of “Pantanal”, Juliana Paes also bids farewell to the remake of Bruno Luperi, but on the night of this Thursday (14). to live the mother of Jumathe 43-year-old actress went through some troubles during the period in which she was in the locations of the soap opera in the region that gives its name to the plot in Mato Grosso do Sul.

Juliana Paes he had to give up his vanity for the characterization work. In an interview with Quem magazine, the interpreter of Maria Marruá recalled a sequence in which she saw an alligator approach her during one of the recordings.

“I almost got a bite. Being in the Pantanal is having a lot of story to tell, of unusual and perrengues situations. That alligator day, I was in the river for a recording when they alerted that there was an alligator hanging around (laughs)”said the actress who left the fixed cast of Globe.

“There is a lot of noise. A noise of nature. We hear the noises of animals all the time. While here, we live with the noise of horns”said Juliana Paes.

“When we arrive in the Pantanal, everything is different from what we are used to. It is a unique location and contemplative energy. The Pantanal invites you to lift your ears, to look outside and pay attention to that energy of contemplation. The energy of the Pantanal is ingrained in us”revealed the interpreter of Maria Marruá.

“Like many Brazilians of my generation, Pantanal is in a place of affective memory of comfort and peace. I remember exactly the parents watching, I remember the color of the sofa my father sat on to watch the soap opera. As we watched, the music echoed through the whole house and I remember the scenes with the macaw flying and the atmosphere of my house to watch the soap opera” remembered Juliana Paes.

“With the characterization team, we started to imagine what the face of a woman who never protected herself from the sun, who never wore sunscreen or a hat would look like. Melasma, spots. There are also expression marks, how to make it look natural? Maria’s expression lines are marked, her eyebrows aren’t plucked and I let my natural white hair show. It is gratifying to be able to let go of vanity and current aesthetics. More than giving it up, I see beauty in dark circles, I see poetry in the marks of time”concluded the actress of “Pantanal”.

Juliana Paes
Juliana Paes as Maria Marruá (Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo)


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