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Brazil has never had so much prominence at Coachella, the main pop music festival in the world, as in 2022. The proof of this is in the event’s poster.

Anitta and Pabllo Vittar will sing at the festival in the USA. The main attractions, at the top of the list, are Harry Styles, The Weeknd and Billie Eilish. Anita performs on Fridays (14th and 21st) and Pabllo is scheduled for Saturdays (15th and 22nd).

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Before the singers, the biggest highlight that Brazilian pop had had on a Coachella poster was a sixth line on the poster. This happened three times: with the Paraná trio Bonde do Rolê, the São Paulo group Cansei de Ser Sexy and the singer-actor Seu Jorge.

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In this year, anita appears on the second line and Pabllo on the fourth. The festival has also had other Brazilians such as Emicida, Céu, Boogarins, The Twelves, Gui Boratto, Amon Tobin and Anna. Of the twenty previous editions, half had Brazilians.

They were already in the lineup of the event in 2020, which was canceled because of the pandemic – as well as the one in 2021. In the lineup of 2022, Anitta even went up a line, from the third to the second.

Coachella announces a time change for Anitta’s show, which will take place on April 15th and 22nd — Photo: Twitter/Disclosure

Coachella boss and producer Paul Tollett told the New Yorker magazine that choosing artists is like a gamble, an investment in stocks. And the market today is much faster.

He makes an offer to a band a few months before and when it comes time for the festival the world is completely different. So it was, for example, with Amy Winehouse in the 2007 edition. She was signed as a penultimate lineup bet and sang at Coachella like a pop star.

Tollet’s theory about the end of the line between alternative and pop fits well with Pabllo’s story. She became a star without a record label and with a scheme she would be called an indie in other times. The singer’s producer is Rodrigo Gorky, a former member of the aforementioned Bonde do Rolê.

Is it important to be at the top of the poster?

Audience and Ferris Wheel at Coachella Festival in 2018 — Photo: Amy Harris/AP

Being at the top of a billboard isn’t fan bullshit. In the profile of the “New Yorker”, he talks about the care in positioning the names. The Coachella boss said that, for many artists, their place on the bill is reflected in their salary for the rest of the year.

In the middle of the report, Martin Garrix’s manager, the Dutch mega DJ, appears in person at the Goldenvoice producer’s office. He went to fight to improve Garrix’s position and schedule. And it shows the streaming numbers, saying they are better than DJ Snake, above on the poster.

In the end, the two DJs appeared in the second row. In other words, the position does matter, and the fact that Brazil appears in the unprecedented spotlight is cool.

Anitta sings at Rock in Rio Lisbon

Anitta spoke to g1 when her name was confirmed on the main stage. “Since we actually made this show, it’s been hard to keep the secret because it’s very emotional for me. It’s definitely the peak. After that, you don’t need anything else. I’m 100% fulfilled.”

The singer usually takes a different presentation from the ones she does in Brazil when she takes the international stage. It was like this at Rock in Rio Lisboa 2019, when she brought Brazilian references such as Carmen Miranda, “Garota de Ipanema” and “Chorando se foi” to the show.

The strategy should be repeated at Coachella: “I’m going to do a super different show, more aimed at an international audience. I’m going to sing my songs, of course, in Portuguese. But the intention is to show the rhythm of funk, Brazilian culture as it is. It’s going to be a more cultural show than anything else,” she said. It will be the first show after the release of “Versions of me”, the fourth album of her career.

Pabllo Vittar, on the other hand, will not be exactly a novelty at the festival. In 2019, she made two cameos. She sang “Sua Cara” at Major Lazer’s concert and “Energia” with the electronic duo Sofi Tukker.

Coachella 2018 festival goers watch the festival performance — Photo: Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

Coachella 2022 takes place in April in the city of Indio, in the middle of the California desert. There, the organization assembles almost a city to receive thousands of people on each of the six days of the festival. The place was an equestrian polo field.

In the 1990s, Pearl Jam was fighting Ticketmaster, the company that dominated the US ticket market. Eddie Vedder, the band’s lead singer, hated this monopoly and turned to a Los Angeles hardcore production company called Goldenvoice for help. He wanted to find an alternative venue and do the show on his own.

The show went on, with the gigantic audience of grunge at the time, and this producer noticed that the place was special. In 1999, the first Coachella took place. There was Beck, Rage Against the Machine and a lot of alternative rock. At first, it hurt. But the press, the artists, and this alternative audience really liked it.

Coachella grew and the hardcore producer became a partner of a mega corporation, AEG In a good time for festivals, they adapted the hippie aura of the 60s to the Instagram era. And they kept part of Goldenvoice’s alternative spirit. It was an event that looked less like a shopping mall and amusement park than Rock in Rio, for example.

The bottom line is that Coachella has become cool and everyone wants to be seen there. In recent years, the world’s press has been keeping an eye on the audience and not just concerts by the likes of Paul McCartney, Prince, Radiohead, The Cure, Madonna, Kanye West, Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

Beyoncé sings at Coachella – Photo: Disclosure / Official website of the singer

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