After leaving BBB 22, Natália admits crush on Paulo André at the beginning of BBB 22: ‘Super is my type’ | BBB22

The thirteenth eliminated from BBB 22 left her mark on this edition of the program. Natalia delivered everything: representation, romance, endless DR’s and lots of bullshiteven with your allies in the game.

A future highlight at the Carioca Carnival, the ex-sister told #RedeBBB if she is going to enjoy the single revelry or will she wait for Eliezer, her affair in the most watched house in Brazil. Come with us to check it out!

The Minas Gerais woman admitted a crush on sprinter Paulo André right at the beginning of the edition, but out here she discovered a strong ‘competitor’, and we’re not talking about Jade Picon!

“I think he’s very stylish and super my type. A beautiful, tall, perfect black. But it didn’t. Anita! Do you have any idea? There’s no way to compete with her. Even Anitta commented on the man, so the animal is mad!”.

Nat recalled that he even argued with his best friends on the reality show, Jessilane and Linn da Quebrada, on account of Eliezer, but assured that even inside the house he saw no future in the relationship.

“I think the chemistry with Eli was cool, I enjoyed it, but it passed, it was inside the house. It was something really superficial, because it wasn’t like Eslô and Lucas. It wasn’t worth overlapping my friendships.”

Kiss between Natalia and Eliezer — Photo: Globo

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‘She’s so nice, so cool…’

Speaking of friendship, is the ex-sister planning a rapprochement with Slovenia? After a relationship full of ups and downs during the game, the miner believes that they do not strengthen ties outside the house.

“I find it very difficult to have any coexistence, because although we are very similar women, we have very different life positions.”

Upon learning from #RedeBBB that the paraibana also does not intend to keep in touch, the nail designer was categorical: “I would be a person who would have all the affection in the world if I approached, but it is someone I would not go after”.

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But not all friendships were restricted to the house. Although they had a falling out at times on the show, Nat admitted that she wants to cultivate her relationship with Jessi and Lina. And did she really become ‘jealous’ among the most beloved ‘comadres’ in Brazil? Despite the profile of a strong, tough and attitude-filled woman, the 22-year-old from Minas declared that she realized throughout the game that she was very dependent on her relationship with her friends.

“There is a place where you don’t have anyone. There’s no mother, no friends, no one to call, to cry. So I just had them. And then when I found myself very dependent, I started to withdraw a little, to isolate myself more. My emotion cannot depend on someone else, it has to depend on me. And that’s where we were able to balance ourselves more.”

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Grunge girls: Natália, Jessilane, Linn da Quebrada and Naiara Azevedo — Photo: Globo

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