After 20 years: find out what the reunion of Jove and José Leôncio will be like in ‘Pantanal’

Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

The second phase of ‘Pantanal’ began this week with the passage of 20 years and the great reunion of Jove (Jesuíta Barbosa) and José Leôncio (Marcos Palmeira) is about to happen. In scenes that will air from this Thursday (14), Jove discovers that his father is alive and confronts Irma (Camila Morgado) about the lie told by the family for so many years.

His aunt claims that the story was created by Madeleine (Karine Teles) out of love, to protect him in the face of his father’s absence, and encourages him to look for him. Jove argues with his mother, who defends herself by saying that during all these years José Leôncio never looked for them. In search of answers, Jove writes a letter to his father telling him that he will soon arrive in the Pantanal.

José Leôncio is just happy with the news. He has waited a lifetime for this encounter; and it was for his son that he devoted himself so much to work and multiplied his farms and his fortune. The expectations of both are high, after all, they idealized each other for 20 years.

Photo: Reproduction / TV Globo

To welcome Jove, the farmer prepares a party, summoning the entire Pantanal to the biggest barbecue in recent times. Tadeu (José Loreto) looks for his brother in Campo Grande – who doesn’t know about the kinship and will continue not knowing, since José Leôncio makes this request specifically for Filó (Dira Paes). When Jove arrives to meet his father, the hug is deep and sincere. As much as the first difference that arises between the two, when the father invites him to the barbecue and the son tells him he doesn’t eat meat. And this is just the beginning.

One of the guests at the party is Guta (Julia Dalavia), who approaches Jove to dance. Jealous, Alcides (Juliano Cazarré) goes up to Jove and calls him into a fight, which the boy avoids, explaining that he doesn’t solve problems that way. The situation is tense, everyone expects Jove to react in the same aggressive way proposed by Alcides, but he backs off, much to his father’s disappointment.

In the tapera das Marruá

Hours earlier, Tibério (Guito) goes to the tapera to invite Maria Marruá (Juliana Paes) to the party. Upon arriving, he is greeted by Juma (Alanis Guillen), with a shotgun in his hand, pointed at him, and Muda (Bella Campos) is beside him. She asks who he is and what he wants there, when the pawn says he’s on the boss’s orders to invite Maria.

Juma reveals that his mother is dead, much to his surprise, who asks who Muda is and what she is doing there. When she goes to answer, Juma says that the girl doesn’t speak. He wants to know why they killed Maria, and Juma says he doesn’t want anyone to know about his mother’s death. Tiberius comments about when he found Lucius (Erom Cordeiro) injured and that he did not believe the story that he was fishing when he was attacked by a jaguar.

Juma says that the mother bled her murderer and Tiberius quickly understands that it was Lucius. From the meeting, Tiberius leaves with two certainties. Juma knows how to defend herself, and Muda is the most beautiful woman he’s ever met.

‘Pantanal’ is written by Bruno Luperi, based on the original novel written by Benedito Ruy Barbosa. The artistic direction is by Rogério Gomes, direction by Walter Carvalho, Davi Alves, Beta Richard, Cristiano Marques and Noa Bressane. The production is by Luciana Monteiro and Andrea Kelly, and the genre direction is by José Luiz Villamarim.

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