Actor is the target of accusations after posting photo with Lula in Alemão

Diego Raymond participated in an act with PT in Complexo do Alemão, in Rio; he was arrested in 2010 and acquitted in 2011

Actor Diego Raymond, released from the prison system, posed next to former president and candidate Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) during a campaign event on Wednesday (12.Oct.2022) in Complexo do Alemão, in Rio de Janeiro. January. After the meeting, netizens opposed to PT called the actor “bandit” and “drug dealer”.

Raymond was known as “Mister M” when he was arrested in November 2010. He was associated with drug trafficking. At the time, he was convinced by his mother to turn himself in to the police. He spent 9 months in prison and was released in August 2011 after being acquitted of the charges. He then received support from the AfroReggae project and began an artistic career.

Today, Diego Raymond is a model and actor. He starred in the series produced by Globoplay “The game that changed History”, which portrays the emergence of drug trafficking factions in the city of Rio de Janeiro. He will participate in the 3rd season of the series “The Division”, a police drama that is also produced by Globoplay.

At the time of his arrest, Diego Raymond was 25 years old. In an interview with journalist Patricia Kogut, from the newspaper The globe, published in July of this year, the actor said he hopes that his story can be an example of overcoming.

“Getting out of crime is not an easy thing, but there is a way and I want to show it to others. I usually post about my victories on social media, but I don’t do it for fun. I post just to show those who are still there that there is light at the end of the tunnel. I want to be proof that a good thug is not a dead thug. People need opportunities.”

Raymond countered the insults about his photo with Lula in a post on social media. On his Instagram profile, he mentioned that he was acquitted of the crimes and said that he won in life even with the difficulties.

“The ‘citizen’ in the photo is Diego, a successful series actor (premier of the new season of ‘The Division’ scheduled for mid-2023), model, American football and crossfit athlete, acquitted of all charges and who had a difficult origin, like most Brazilians, but follows the daily struggle of the black and the poor”wrote the actor.

“My vote is Lula against these despicable people, against those who criminalize poverty. So that we can walk with our heads held high on the street knowing that the poor and the black are treated as equals and that the stories of children from the slums of RJ will be different”, concluded.

In the offenses, netizens shared old photos of Raymond, such as when he was arrested, and records of him featured in his recent performances in an attempt to associate him with the crime. They also made reference to the cap with the inscription “CPX” worn by Lula during the act in Complexo do Alemão and stated that the letters were related to drug trafficking. The letters, however, are short for “complex” and has no connection with a criminal faction.

Here are some screenshots shared by Raymond:

Here is Raymond’s statement on the matter:

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