8 Smart Devices You Can Control With Alexa | Which one to buy?

Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant, can be used to control smart devices by voice. Companies such as Positivo, Intelbras and Geonav offer products such as a Wi-Fi security camera, robot vacuum cleaner and smart lamp that can make up a smart home. For those who want to start leaving the environment connected, the Echo Dot (3rd generation) brings the built-in assistant and is sold for values ​​from R$ 349.

In addition, electronics such as digital locks can bring more security to the house for prices starting from R$ 1,673. Another device that can be controlled by Alexa is the smart socket, which allows you to turn devices on and off remotely for about R$ 89. Check below eight smart devices for you to control with Alexa.

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Amazon Alexa arrives in Brazil and speaks Portuguese: know everything — Photo: Luciana Maline/TechTudo

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THE Echo Dot is a smart speaker that can be controlled by Alexa. The device allows you to request songs with just your voice, read news, information and other functions such as controlling the light, locking the doors and controlling smart devices. The Echo Dot (3rd generation) is the simplest box in Amazon’s line of smart speakers.

It has a compact box in a flat format, it has four microphones and it is also possible to connect the device to its own speakers via Bluetooth or with a 3.5 mm audio cable. THE TechTudo tested the product in July 2020 and concluded that it is an interesting option for those who want to start leaving their home connected. The device is sold for prices starting at R$ 349.

Echo Dot (3rd generation) can be ideal for those who want to start leaving their home smart — Photo: Marvin Costa/TechTudo

The Echo Dot (4th generation) features front-facing audio for stronger, higher-range sound. The difference to the previous version is the globe format and the physical plastic buttons to control the device. This option is seen on Amazon for figures that start from R$ 399.

Smart lamps can be ideal to compose a smart home. Accessories are easy to install and can be controlled by cell phone. They can even reduce energy costs. It is possible to configure schedules to turn them off automatically or even regulate color and intensity, including by voice commands with assistants such as Alexa.

The Positivo Wi-Fi Smart Lamp features a power of 9 Watts, an intensity of 806 lumens and offers more than 16 million colors to customize the environment with changing light. The product also offers the possibility of varying between cold and warm white, to moderate the intensity of the light in the environment for about R$ 49.

Positivo’s smart lamp has an affordable price — Photo: Disclosure/Positivo

Elgin’s Smart Led Colors Lamp, on the other hand, can be a good option for decoration, being possible to create a comfortable environment as the user looks for. The lamp offers 10 W of power and 803 lumens and its material does not radiate heat. It can be found for R$49 on Amazon.

Smart outlets are appliances that allow you to control connected devices through Alexa. The models allow you to turn your electronic devices on or off from your cell phone. Its connectivity is easy, just plug the smart plug into an outlet and connect to the Wi-Fi network.

The Positive Wi-Fi Smart Plug is bivolt (110V and 220V), supports power up to 1,000W and has a maximum current of 10A. This option is available for prices starting at R$99. Another Alexa-compatible smart socket is from the i2GO brand. The product is compatible with devices of up to 10A connected, it has a national standard of three pins being 110 V in voltage. It is seen on Amazon for prices starting at R$89.

Smart Plug Wi-Fi Positivo Casa Inteligente and supports power up to 1,000W and maximum current of 10A — Photo: Disclosure/Positivo

Wi-Fi security cameras can be interesting for those looking for home monitoring in a practical way. They record the surroundings of the house and send images in real time to the cell phone or tablet. Users can even position the product on furniture, capturing everything that happens indoors without being exposed.

The HI Smart Camera, from Geonav, is available for R$ 234, can be filmed in up to 1080p (Full HD), has a motion sensor, bidirectional microphone, night vision and lens with an angle of approximately 100 degrees. THE Intelbras Izy Smart IZC 1003 is another Wi-Fi camera option. The only difference is its 125 degree field of view combined with a high sensor that capture clear images even in the dark. The model is found in figures starting at R$339.

HI by Geonav Smart Camera makes footage in Full HD — Photo: Disclosure/Geonav

Vacuum robots were created to clean homes and offices without the user having to command the device. It works directly on the floor and has no cables. This means that it moves by itself, performs the cleaning and then turns itself off. Also, there are models that can be controlled by Alexa.

The iRobot Roomba i7 features an advanced navigation system, three-stage cleaning technology and ten times the vacuuming capacity of a regular vacuum. In addition to Wi-Fi connectivity, application control and the virtual assistant, the device is based on reading and mapping, allowing the user to indicate which parts need to be cleaned. Its base has a sensor that concentrates cleaning where there is more dirt. The i7 can be purchased for R$6,199.

iRobot Roomba i7+ vacuum robot has a vacuuming capacity ten times greater than a common vacuum cleaner — Photo: Disclosure / iRobot

Another option is the Wap Robot WSmart. The robot sweeps, vacuums and washes. Its 150 ml tank for liquid products in its base allows it to be automatically moistened and provides a deeper cleaning. The vacuum cleaner supports Wi-Fi connectivity, has its own smartphone app and Alexa compatibility, being activated only by voice commands. It is possible to find it for prices from R$ 2,001.

Smart Universal Control makes it possible to control all infrared electronic devices through a single device. The control works on equipment such as TV, stereo, lights, air conditioning and washing machine. In addition, it allows you to control the devices through Alexa.

Positivo’s control activates any device that works via infrared, has a range of eight meters and covers the entire surrounding area, in 360 degrees. On Amazon it can be found for R$ 126.

Universal remote control is indicated to control the home appliances via Alexa — Photo: Disclosure/Positivo

The i2GO control can also be connected directly to your router, has universal compatibility with devices that work via infrared and its range is up to eight meters. It can be purchased for R$69.

Digital locks were developed to replace conventional locks and the difference lies in their technology, which makes use of electronic devices, biometric sensors and virtual assistants to release access. Therefore, it is not necessary to carry keys to enter the environment. In addition, it also offers security features, which make intrusions difficult.

THE Yale YMC 420D has several opening options and issues a call in possible cases of intrusion. Its price is approximately R$ 1,673. The Intelbras FR 7000+ works by means of a password and activates an alarm whenever it identifies any undue entry attempt, it opens remotely with registration and high-precision biometrics on the handle. She is seen for about R$ 1,959.

Intelbras FR 7000+ — Photo: Disclosure/Intelbras

The smart switch allows you to remotely activate the lights using an app or even voice commands via Alexa. Another functionality is to offer customized lighting environments for each situation. It is possible to configure the switches to lower the brightness, helping to save energy with unnecessary lighting, for example.

Positivo’s Smart Switch is made up of three buttons, with three circuits, which allow, for example, to control each lamp individually. Users can configure settings for the switch to talk to other branded devices. It is sold for values ​​from R$ 190.

Steck’s Smarteck option brings white and black options with a tempered glass finish. In addition to the LED illuminated touch button. The device offers functions such as programming a time to turn on the lamps, as well as setting a timer to turn them off. To purchase the model, you need to pay R$ 249.

The smart switches of the Smarteck line, by Steck, have a touch-sensitive panel — Photo: Reproduction/Smarteck

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